Seeing spots: This week, Jeff reports on a "101 Dalmatians" lecture at the Walt Disney Family Museum with Andreas Deja, Don Iwerks, and Floyd Norman. These Disney veterans describe the Xerox process which saved Disney animation, and talk about other aspects of the creation of this stylistic and beloved classic Disney film. Also - Dave and Becky continue their report on Walt Disney World, commenting on the things Disneyland does better, and describing some of the stand-out dining experiences from their trip to Florida. Plus, D23's second anniversary, visiting the El Capitan Theatre, and more!

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  • Thanks for letting me play... Here's my personal list of what I like better in California (and therefore grateful to live an hour's drive from The Disneyland Resort, Deluxe AP clutched in my greedy little hand). 5. World of Color. It's breathtaking, spectacular, and unmatched. I can't even think of something you could compare it to. With this attraction, DCA shows that maybe it's the little park that Could. Now, they need rising bleachers so more people can get a good view! 4. Pirates of the Caribbean. I admit Florida has a cooler queue, but the ride itself is Truncated there. Unacceptable. It's like being read a story with a third of the pages torn out (In reverse, I feel the same way about Tower of Terror, where California's Twilight Zone experience is edited to a disappointing degree). 3. Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough I LOVE this exhibit. The genius of artist Eyvind Earle art with a Imagineer Polish. It's a gem of an attraction and Florida's bigger, prettier, restraunted castle still has reason to be envious. 2. The Enchanted Tiki Room. Florida has the fun "Under New Management" version, but I love the original more. This should be a Seasonal Overlay for BOTH Parks. 1. The Matterhorn, baby! Disneyland is the only park that has it. Maybe it has never been duplicated elsewhere (I think every other park has a Splash Mountain) because the bobsleds are a slow loader? Well, it's well worth the wait...and I love seeing it from the Freeway as I approach the Park.

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