Mousetalgia Episode 269: Disneyland Holidays, remembering Annette

Team Mousetalgia reviews the Disneyland Holiday season for 2013 in this episode. First, Jeff and Kristen discuss various aspects of the holidays at the resort, including reports and reviews from Viva Navidad, World of Color Winter Dreams, the Holiday T Party, the Christmas Fantasy Parade, it's a small world, the Jingle Jangle Jamboree, the Jingle Cruise, various treats and restaurant offerings, and the Candlelight Processional. Listen to our reports and decide for yourself if Disneyland is still the leader in live holiday entertainment. And, it's time for the second annual Candy Cane Challenge, and this year we do a blind taste test of two Disneyland handmade candy canes - but one is a year old. Can our team tell the difference? Also - Dave and Jeff attend a tribute to Annette Funicello at the Walt Disney Family Museum featuing original Mouseketeer Sharon Baird and report on the event. Plus - a listener celebrates Walt's birthday at the Smoke Tree Ranch - and more!

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  • While listening to Kristen's report, I got the impression that the AP World of Color event was for the unwashed masses. ;-) For us common people it was a great chance to see the World of Color with a minimum wait and smaller crowd. We walked up just 5 minutes before our ticket said to line up. After the short 5 minute wait we were able to walk (not rush) to the very front rail and sit down without other people trying to camp on top of us. The slight wind blew any water away from us so we didn't even get wet. And being up front allowed me to actually watch the show for the first time.Usually I'm struggling to hold up my 9 year old daughter so she can see with out blocking the people behind me. I recommend that listeners keep an eye out for these kind of AP events as they usually offer a better than average experience. P.S. I'm building up the courage to make my argument that the Annabella is a great option for the average family, offering great value, across the street from the park and doesn't feel like just another bland cinder block hotel. Thanks for letting me vent. :-)

    posted by: Smorri on 2013-12-16 20:34:55

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