Mousetalgia Episode 390: Ghost Post subscription; Star Wars

It's a jam-packed Mousetalgia Emporium this week as Team Mousetalgia takes you all over the Disney galaxy! "The Force Awakens" Blu-ray finally hits the shelves, and we talk about our favorite bonus features from the loaded disc of extra content. The "Rogue One" trailer also dropped last week, and we talk about the newest stellar heroine from that galaxy far, far away. Disney's Ghost Post Haunted Mansion subscription boxes have hit the doorsteps of the lucky 999 mortals foolish enough to join the fun, and we detail some of the special features of this intriguing happening that is equal parts collectible and experience. Also - Tom Staggs retires, and Walt Disney World brings digital pressed penny machines into service. Plus - the story of Sally Slater; Disney Crossy Road gets spoopy, D23 announces Destination D; Fusion releases an intriguing documentary about the making of Zootopia - and more.

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  • Dang you all to heck, a team Mousetalgia! There I was, blissfully living out my life, completely oblivious to this thing called Crossy Road, when you had to go and shatter my innocence by not only talking about it but playing the audio from the haunted mansion level. The sheer audacity! So of course I had to download it to see what all of the hubbub was, and now I can't stop playing it! If not for you playing that siren call, I'd still be a rational productive member of society! Dang you all to heck! And, of course, keep up the great work.

    posted by: Dave on 2016-05-05 23:12:57

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