Mousetalgia - Episode 3 Join the Mousetalgia Crew and listen in as Dave, Jeff, Kristen and Becky discuss Disneyland's Tomorrowland, and its depiction of the transportation of the future. Jeff reviews the Mark VII and the current Innoventions Dream Home exhibit, and Kristen wonders aloud about eating fruit off the trees at the park. The team also hosts a lively debate over the influence George Lucas has had on Disneyland. Nemo, Buzz, and the Peoplemover are also hot topics of this show.
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  • Regarding what Tomorrowland has become, it was always the idea of Tomorrowland to look forward towards the future of what we could create. Rockets and the space age was the new frontier at that time. Innovations has pretty much taken over that role.

    posted by: Daniel on 2016-03-22 12:46:23

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