This week, Team Mousetalgia takes you back to the recent D23 Expo with reports on some of the myriad panels, presentations and performances that were held at the massive event. We talk to our correspondent Nicole, who describes her experience at the Expo as a first-timer, with her own set of tips, advice, and feedback about the massive event. Then, we take you with us to some of the events that we covered, including Marc Davis Goes to WED; Women in Imagineering; 50 Years of Pirates of the Caribbean; Legends of Imagineering; The Making of Hercules; Melodies in Walt's Time; the Disney Video Game Showcase; Celebrating the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-through - and more. Plus, we recap our Mousetalgia Expo meet-up, and discuss custom painted shoes, Vons direct delivery to your hotel, and Steakhouse 55's prices.

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