Mousetalgia talks dining at Disneyland Paris! Kristen travels to the Disneyland Paris resort again, and talks about annual pass discounts for lodging (and why concierge level lodging is mandatory - hint: it's the food), and the food and dining experiences, including: tips on making reservations, reviews of the Agrobah Cafe, Café de Cascadeurs, the Inventions character breakfast buffet, and the "Petit Jean" experience by chef Jean Imbert, a 12 dish meal at the Disneyland Hotel which was inspired by iconic fairytales. Imbert, a Top Chef winner in France, created this eco-friendly menu, which included five wine pairings and one champagne pairing. Kristen reviews the entire Petite Jean experience, including 12 courses over the space of 4-5 hours, including organic leeks (with scissors) inspired by Tangled, lobster ravioli inspired by the Little Mermaid's Chef Louis; Mrs. Pott's beef broth, Lady and the Tramp spaghetti and of course, Remy's Ratatouille, with sweet courses too - including Pooh's honey, Cinderella's pumpkin, Snow White's poisoned apple, Sleeping Beauty's (lopsided) cake and Jack Sparrow's rum. Also - Kristen offers some notes on the Disneyland Paris attractions and shops and some general international travel trips for dealing with transportation and sightseeing in France. Plus - we offer a solo mom tips for an upcoming Disneyland trip with two kids in tow - and more.

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