Happy holidays! This week, Jeff and Kristen take a deep dive into the history of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, and we look at how Walt Disney used the music of Tchaikovsky in his most innovative animated features. We talk about how the music enouraged innovation in Fantasia, how the animators interpreted the music of the Nutcracker Suite for Fantasia, and how Walt taught the world about Tchaikovsky through his marketing for both Fantasia and Sleeping Beauty. We also explore the history of the Nutcracker Ballet, and speak with Adrina Hsieh, a company dancer with San Jose Ballet Theatre who recently danced in the Nutcracker as the "Snow Queen." Plus - Jeff and Kristen talk about recent Disneyana purchases - and more.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a very happy new year!

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This week, enjoy a Christmas potpourri of topics as Jeff dives into the spirit of the holidays. First, we take a look at Disneyland's "Parade of All Nations" from the holiday season in 1959, and compare it with the current Disneyland holiday events. Next, Jeff talks about the Hat Box Ghost making his debut on the East Coast; reviews Wish, the latest Disney animated feature; and discusses Fan Expo in San Francisco, which featured a rare live convention appearance by Mark Hamill among many other Star Wars celebrities.

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Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_714.mp3
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Happy Thanksgiving! This week, Kristen and her daughter Calla join Jeff for a mommy-daughter Disneyland trip report. Calla talks about some of her favorite attractions, eats her first (of many) churros, and gives her pro-tips for a successful trip to the park - and then Kristen tells grown-up stories of lodging, endurance, and Chip & Dale wine bottle stoppers. Also, Jeff talks about Disney gift shopping, Thanksgiving at the Disneyland Hotel in the '70s, and a look back at the genesis of Life Day (a.k.a. the "Star Wars Holiday Special").

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Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_713.mp3
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This week, we welcome the holiday season with a tasty smorgasbord of Disney topics. We welcome Seth Kubersky, author of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland, to the show to talk about expert ways to tour the park in an increasingly complex system of reservations and planning. We talk about dining, lodging, what's new in the parks, and what makes Disneyland the magical destination that it is, despite all the hassle of planning a trip. Then, Julia Layne calls in from Anaheim to review "Holiday Time at the Disneyland Resort," the 2023 version of the resort's holiday tour. She gives us the nitty gritty to help you decide if this tour is right for you. Julia also reports on the just-opened Advetureland Treehouse, and shares some highlights from her visit. Plus Swiss Family Treehouse history, ShopDisney woes - and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_712.mp3
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This week, Jeff welcomes his co-host Julia from the DoomBuggies Podcast to talk about our Disney-stuffed Halloween weekend events. First, Jeff reports from Garner Holt Productions' "Grim Grinning Gala," a benefit to raise money for the company's youth education foundation. From a star-studded panel discussing the creation of Disneyland's "Haunted Mansion Holiday" to a backstage tour of Garner Holt's manufacturing and production facility, this amazing evening had a lot of spooktacular moments to share. Then, Julia walks us through the Walt Disney Family Museum's Oct. 29 event called "This is Halloween: Celebrating 30 Years of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" - a panel featuring a number of artists who worked on the film, including director Henry Selick.

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This week, Mousetalgia celebrates Disney100 by speaking with Laurieanne Zandbergen, the daughter of Virginia Davis, who was the little girl hired by Walt and Roy Disney to perform as "Alice" for their Alice comedies on Oct. 16, 1923, marking the "official" birthday of the Walt Disney Company. Laurieanne talks about her mother's memories of working with Walt, the history of the Alice Comedies, and the importance of the role Virginia played in the formation of Walt's career. Then, we speak with Melissa Cavanagh, a very close friend of Mickey Mouse, about Mickey's career including meeting fans, staying optimistic, and ice skating. Plus - facts about mouse circuses, Mickey's Circus remembered - and more.

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Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_710.mp3
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This week, Jeff and Kristen provide a detailed review of the 3-bedroom Grand Villa in the brand-new Discovery Tower at the Disneyland Hotel. Plus - Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, a look behind the scenes at the Napa Rose (and an encounter with the restaurant's new General Manager), and Anaheim's Muzeo celebrates Anaheim's Halloween traditions in a new exhibit. Plus - a look at Van Eaton Galleries huge new space in Studio City, a report on our resort shopping experience - and more!

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This week, Mousetalgia sets out the fall potpourri with a collection of fun seasonal topics. First, Julia Layne returns to the show to present a list of fun fall activities you can enjoy with a little Disney twist, in case you aren't able to make it to the parks this year for all the Halloween fun. Then, Jeff and Julia report on a recent event at the Walt Disney Family Museum featuring Walt Disney Imagineering Executive Creative Director Kim Irvine, who has spent over half a century (and counting) as an Imagineer and shared stories about her mentors and notable projects over the course of her career at Disneyland. Finally, Jeff talks to National Geographic Kids Senior Editor Ariane Szu-Tu about "Weird But True! Disney," the latest installment in the popular line of books packed with trivia and facts from all over the Walt Disney Company.

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Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_708.mp3
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This week, Jeff and Kristen review the announcements that came from Destination D last week related to Disney Parks and Resorts. We cover it all - new shows, Figment woes, and what excites us the most (besides Hat Box Ghost!) Kristen has thoughts about the reformating of Country Bear Jamboree, Jeff keeps talking Lorcana, and we talk about an upcoming DIsneyland trip.

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Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_707.mp3
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This week, Jeff welcomes special guest Bri Bertolaccini, Marketing Manager at The Walt Disney Family Museum, to the show to discuss the museum's purpose, exhibits, and ultimate mission to showcase the life of Walt Disney and highlight his impact on popular culture. We talk about the WDFM's permanent collection, discuss our favorite exhibits, share behind the scenes stories, and chat about a few upcoming events. Plus, Jeff shares his experience shopping for the new Lorcana trading card game, and Disneyland releases a spooky new mug set (which quickly sells out - sorry!)

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This week, Jeff invites his wife Julia back to Mousetalgia to talk about the ins and outs of Disney Vacation Club ownership, and the new Villas at the Disneyland Hotel. Is DVC right for you? Maybe we can help you decide. Also - Ravensburger releases its new highly-anticpated trading card game "Lorcana," and Jeff shares a story about the Lorcana announcement at the last D23 Expo. Plus - Disneyland announces new updates to the grounds of the Haunted Mansion coming to New Orleans Square with construction begining in January 2024 - what do we know, and what can we expect?

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This week, join Jeff on a deep dive as we explore the various inlets that took Walt Disney on his path toward the opening of his Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. We look at the influences that played a part in Walt's decision making as he created his mid-century marvel amidst a boom in "Tiki" culture spreading across America. Also, Disneyland releases (and immediately sells out) of another tiki mug, new Haunted Mansion merch starts to appear outside of the parks, and more.

To donate to help the victims of the tragic fires in Maui, visit https://mauiunitedway.org/disasterrelief

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_704.mp3
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Welcome, foolish listeners - to this special Haunted-Mansion-54th-anniversary edition of Mousetalgia! Today, Jeff discusses autograph collecting, the pros and cons of collecting popcorn buckets, and a new Hat Box Ghost controversy! Plus, we celebrate the anniversary of the venerable Haunted Mansion, and Jeff shamelessly shares a Disney Visa offer (which you can find at https://www.referyourchasecard.com/200b/SQCWK227JK ). 

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Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_703.mp3
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This week, Jeff is joined by Mansion fans Maegan Foret and Emma Mosier to discuss "Haunted Mansion," the newest film from Walt Disney Pictures. The trio discuss (spoiler-free) the plot, the characters, the sets, the music, the fan service and the movie's direct references to the Haunted Mansion attractions, and then discuss the film as it relates to the attraction in general as the newest property in Disney's Haunted Mansion oeuvre. Plus, Paul Reubens passed away this week, and Jeff recalls his body or work and his contributions to the Disney parks.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_702.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia is totally going back to the '90s to discuss Barbie and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action appearances in Disney theme parks. We take a brief look at TMNT, and then turn our attention to an article from the Spring 1994 issue of The Disney Magazine that discusses the creation of the "The Magical World of Barbie" stage show, which was performed at Epcot Center during Barbie's 35th birthday. Also - in anticipation of the Haunted Mansion movie's weekend debut, we discuss some of the latest Haunted Mansion merch and promos appearing in anticipation of the imminent release of the film. Plus - Rogers the Musical - and more!

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Today, Mousetalgia celebrates Disneyland's 68th birthday with trip reports, touring tips, and a discussion of the current Disneyland experience. We also talk about the current Van Eaton Galleries Disneyland auction (starting today!), and look back at a 1964 program in which Disneyland and Tivoli Gardens swapped Tour Guides. Plus - Tim visits Walt's apartment, Kristen offers a July 17th-only offer - and more.

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This week, Jeff talks about his history with the Walt Disney Family Museum, and by referencing the signatures in his souvenir book, takes you on a walk back through the first decade of special guests and various events at the museum. Plus, we take a look at the 1962 "Dixieland at Disneyland" event, and wonder what it might have been like to participate in Disneyland's early special ticketed events.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_699.mp3
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Rabbits, Kitties and Dogs - oh, my! This week, Jeff and special guests Tina and Julia discuss a plethora of Disney's cuddliest companions. First - Tina and Julia describe a 35th anniversary screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit at the Casto Theatre featuring an appearance by Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit himself. Then, Jeff and Julia review Disney Cats and Dogs, the newly-installed exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum running through January 14, 2024. Plus - a look back at Walt Disney's July 4th weekend in Marceline in 1956, and a new Soarin'-style ride is scheduled to open in Monterey, CA. 

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This week, Jeff takes you into his library to discuss a few literary topics. We talk to Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason about his recently published book of poetry about Disneyland, and the essence of Disney fandom. Then, we look at three recent official Disney cookbooks from Insight Editions and compare and contrast their contents. Finally, we discuss getting started with your own Disney book collection - where to turn, places to seek out signed books, and how the Disney company is responding to the explosion of unauthorized books.

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Mousetalgia Ep. 696: Pixar's Elemental

This week on Mousetalgia, Kristen returns and joins Jeff to discuss Pixar's latest offering, "Elemental." We discuss the critical reception the film received, our own perceptions and reactions to this deeply personal film, and try to rememnber when Pixar stopped being funny. We also discuss The Muppets Mayhem, The Little Mermaid, and American Born Chinese - and look forward to a flaming hot summer.

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Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_696.mp3
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Episode 695: Welcome back to Mousetalgia! Jeff soft-relaunches the show with a few thoughts about Mousetalgia's past, present and future, and then dives into a couple summer-y trip reports: a wine tasting at George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch, and a visit to the Aulani Hawaii Resort and Spa, featuring a review of 'Ama 'Ama's recently revised menu and general tips for visiting the popular island destination.

Opinions or suggestions? Let us know at comments@mousetalgia.com.

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No. 52: The Women of Star Wars from October 15, 2018

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This week, author and self-proclaimed geek Amy Ratcliffe joins Mousetalgia to talk about "Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy," her new book profiling 75 female characters from the Star Wars universe. Covering personalities throughout all of Star Wars from the original trilogy through "Star Wars: Resistance," the book covers an exhaustive herstory of the entire world of Star Wars, deriving content from the films, books, comics, and television shows. Amy talks about the process of writing the book, what the various stories mean to her, and her thoughts and memories about Carrie Fisher. Also this week: Kristen talks about D23's free spooky 25th anniversary screenings; Disney releases Otter Box phone cases; Storyteller Cafe goes full buffet; we launch "Becky in the Sky with Diamonds" - our new segment on booking hotels and Expo hotel planning; and we premiere a haunting poem.

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Mousetalgia Best Ear Ever No. 51: Eddy Collins, VIP stories from October 3, 2016

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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes special guest Eddy Collins, who has spent decades with the Disney Company. Collins started doing custodial work at Disneyland and eventually became Global Sales Manager and a spokesperson for the resort. Eddy talks about his first job at the park as a sweeper, and how he quickly became a prestigious VIP tour guide, then moved to guest communications and management, and on to special events for the opening of Disney's California Adventure (after a run-in with the Disneyland Ambassador program and roles in TV/radio broadcasting). Eddy talks about managing Disneyland's international publicity, becoming the resort's Global Sales Manager, and the importance of a little pixie dust. Eddy also dusts off the plaid vest and takes us back in time to his days as a VIP tour guide, with stories about Ted Dansen and his family, Disney Legend Robin Williams, Ed McMahon, and of course, tales of touring with Michael Jackson (in and out of disguise). Plus, we discuss ways you can bring spooky Disney settings into your Halloween decorating - and more.

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No. 50: Spin & Marty, The Muppets from Dec. 5, 2011

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Spin and Marty speak at the Walt Disney Family Museum, and Team Mousetalgia report from the event. Tim ‘Spin’ Considine and David ‘Marty’ Stollery tell the secrets of their popular serial made famous by the Mickey Mouse Club television show, and share stories about being child stars. Also, remembering Walt Disney on his birthday, and our review of "The Muppets." Plus - gingerbread, holiday music... and Kristen invades Walt Disney World!

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No. 49: Journey Into Imagination; David Koenig from July 28, 2014

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David Koenig offers a look behind the scenes at the process of writing the best "behind the scenes" Disney parks books! From surprising anecdotes to the massive undertaking of documenting Walt Disney World's history, Koenig discusses his various books and his opinions about successful attractions, cast member secrets, and the art of bringing fantasy to life. Koenig talks about Universal's impact on the Disney parks, dealing with Disney's legal arm, and how pulling back the curtain on Disney park operations can make fans love the parks even more. Also, Mousetalgia goes back to Walt Disney World again as Dave, Becky and Kristen discuss a special fundraiser featuring Tony Baxter discussing Journey Into Imagination, the beloved extinct attraction from EPCOT Center. Tony talks about the original proposed EPCOT architecture, the origins of the attraction, and the unlikely genesis of Figment! Plus, our favorite Disney summer songs - and more!

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No. 48: Walt Disney's Hollywood and the beginning of the Walt Disney Company from January 24, 2011

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Visit Walt Disney's Hollywood: In this week's episode, Jeff takes us on a tour of Walt Disney's Hollywood, with stops at his first home and the first studio where Walt's "Alice" short films were created. Other stops include the infamous Snow White Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard, Paty's Coffee House (which Walt would visit from time to time) and Walt's final resting place in Forest Lawn. Also - Jeff reports on the Disney Pops and Pipes organ concert at the grand El Capitan Theater, the Disney Soda Fountain serves up TRON Sundaes... and more!

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No. 47: Disneyland Hotel secrets from October 17, 2011

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Go back in time and visit the Disneyland Hotel of the '50s and '60s in this special resort edition of Mousetalgia! This week, we welcome historian Donald Ballard to the show, to share his stories, research, and secrets about the early days of Disneyland's first hotel. Learn about the Wrather family's investment in Walt Disney's vision, and discover how the Disneyland Hotel developed over decades from a glorified motor inn to the unique resort it is today. Also, from a men-only club to $2,500-per-night suites, you'll learn fascinating stories about the creation of this world-famous destination. Plus - a press report from a preview ride of the Haunted Mansion in 1969 - and more!

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No. 46: Walt Disney and World War II from May 30, 2011

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Walt Disney and World War II: In this special Memorial Day episode from 2011, Team Mousetalgia reports on a weekend event at the Walt Disney Family Museum about the Walt Disney Studios output during World War II, featuring presentations by historian Paul F. Anderson. Learn about the various projects and films that the studio created during this critical period of American history. Also - take a closer look at one of the more famous propaganda films, "Victory Through Air Power," which Walt Disney believed would help end the war and save lives. Plus - an exclusive presentation of a 1943 radio program featuring Walt Disney talking about "Victory" - and more!

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No. 45: Newsies '15 tour, Disneyland '55 from March 9, 2015

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Mousetalgia carries the banner and reviews the current touring production of Newsies, which landed recently in San Francisco. We discuss the differences between the film and the touring production, and even some differences between the Broadway show and the current tour. Souvenirs, dancing, the music - we cover it all. Then, Dave and Becky review Disney on Ice: "Let's Celebrate," and describe the experience. (Hint: bring a kid!) Also, the Mallett family joins us to discuss visiting Disneyland almost 60 years ago in 1955 when they won a radio contest in the Golden Horseshoe and rode down Main Street in the fire truck with Abbott and Costello, and they also share their memories of the park as they grew up with it through the decades. Finally, the team participates in the recent "Story of Disneyland" auction, and we report back on our successes, failures, and some of the highlights of this much-anticipated auction of Disneyland memorabilia. Plus - in honor of Friday the 13th, we talk about unlucky moments at the Disneyland park. From duck poop encounters to Sleeping Beauty backstage in Juicy sweatpants, we recount some of the unfortunate events that have stricken the Mousetalgia crew in the past. 

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