Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #6: Our first Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet from Aug. 23. 2010.

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Mousetalgia reports on the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet, where the team met Bob Gurr, Margaret Kerry, Disney author Jeff Kurtti, and more fascinating Disney insiders at a fan gathering near Seattle, Washington. Kristen beats trivia master Lou Mongello at the Disney Pyramid game, Dave greets Mousetalgia listeners, and Becky talks education with Bob Gurr. Meanwhile, Jeff reports on a John Canemaker event at the Walt Disney Family Museum featuring John's new book about animation legends Joe Grant and Joe Ranft. Plus - help send Jeff to the Archives, Mousetalgia plans a meet-up, and more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #3: Shag's Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Swinging Cocktail Bash from August 16, 2009.

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Artist Josh "Shag" Agle  hosts a Swingin' cocktail bash at Disneyland in honor of the Haunted Mansion's 40th anniversary, and Team Mousetalgia are there to report on the festivities. Plus, the secrets of the Lilly Belle are revealed, Tim Babb checks in, and a family spends a night in the Haunted Mansion!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #2: Our Grandpa, Walt Disney with Jeff Kurtti from Sept. 18, 2011.

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Our Grandpa, Walt Disney - Five of Walt Disney's grandchildren spoke about their memories of Walt Disney at the Walt Disney Family Museum, and Team Mousetalgia reports on the event. Joined on the show by Disney author/historian Jeff Kurtti, Team Mousetalgia discusses the personal side of Walt Disney that is often hidden by rumor and myth, and discover a side of the man often hidden from his fans and detractors. Also - The Lion King in 3D has a blockbuster opening weekend in theaters, and Jeff and Kristen talk about the addition of 3D to the classic film and the continuing impact of the revered movie. Plus - Newsies! Muppets! Babies in the Parks! Mobile apps! And more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #1: A walk through Sleeping Beauty Castle with Imagineer Chris Merritt from March 16. 2009.

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On this week of Disneyland's 66th birthday, join Team Mousetalgia as we look back into the park's past to the years 1959 and 1985. First, we speak with Beverly Fellows, who worked in Disneyland's Indian Village in 1959. Beverly shares her memories of a well-paying summer job in a park filled with happy people and amazing new attractions. Then, we welcome Barbara Brock back to the show to talk about Disneyland's 30th anniversary "Gift-Giver Extraordinaire" promotion in 1985 from an insider's view behind the counter in the award center. Plus - our Disney bucket list items, and more.

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This week, Jeff checks in with a report from the first annual Mouse-con Bakersfield! We discuss the special guests, the artists, the panels, and the experience of being surrounded by hundreds of Disney fans. Jeff also brings a few highlights from a panel about Disney story artists, featuring great moments in Disney history with Kirk Hanson, a Disney story expert who has worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation, Imagineering, and many other facets of the Disney Company. Also - another virtual RunDisney series is announced, Jeff buys an old bone, and some behind-the-scenes stories from Disneyland Security! Plus - tickets to Mousetalgia's second annual "Anything Can Happen Weekend" are now on sale at!

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This week. we explore many facets of the current state of Haunted Mansion fandom by looking at three separate current events. First, we welcome Skywalking Through Neverland back to the show to tell us all about the taping of this year's "31 Nights of Halloween Fanfest," which took place at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and will debut on Freeform Oct. 5. Richard and Sarah tell us about the special guests, the deep nostalgia behind this year's show, and then give us a shocking revelation about the lineup. Next, Walt Gorecki speaks with us about "The Haunted 2: Welcome Foolish Mortals," his Haunted Mansion-inspired art show materializing this weekend at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Walt shares some thoughts about why the Haunted Mansion inspires so many artists, and then goes on the describe some of the features visitors can expect when visiting his unique installation. And finally, we have a Mousetalgia roundtable discussion about Funko's ongoing Haunted Mansion merchandise release which has likely reached a mall near you, and we discuss finding the Haunted Mansion beyond the berm of a Disney park. Plus - Haunted Mansion trivia, a report from the new spooktacular enhancements to Disneyland Paris' Tower of Terror attraction... and more.

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It's a Mousetalgia Emporium! Vocal group Dcapella just finished touring with a final stop in Oakland, so this week, Mousetalgia goes VIP at this final stop on the group's inaugural tour, and we tell you what you can expect if you decide to go VIP when the group goes back on the road. Listen in on the sound check, and hear all about the special "Friend Like Me" Meet and Greet package. Next: Disneyland has announced a few significant new rules, and we talk about the now smoke-free parks, the ban on ice, and anti-wagon bias. Kristen then comments on Jessie's Critter Carousel, and we review Tim Burton's Dumbo, and wonder what happened there.

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This week, Team Mousetalgia reports from Disneyland's Pixar Fest with tips for making your next trip to the resort a success. We talk about the new additions to the parades, the fireworks, and the food offerings. Plus, we offer more Maxpass tips, we discuss the Grand Californian updates, and offer hints for navigating the parks. Then - SPOILER ALERT! - we review and discuss "Avengers: Infinity War," and offer our reactions, questions, and opinions of this hotly-debated film. Also - we loves the redhead, but do we wants her walkin' the park avenues? Pirate lass Redd is coming to the parks, and we discuss. Plus - an upcoming Marc Davis event, free shipping from Disney Stores, Star Wars party advice, Disney baby carriers - and Dave attends the Disney Institute.

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This week, Team Mousetalgia speaks to Michael Vargo, VP D23 about the newly announced dates of the 2019 D23 Expo, and we discuss some upcoming changes and benefits exclusive to D23 Gold Members. Then, Kristen reports from Food and Wine at Disney California Adventure, and shares some of her favorite flavors, snacks, and experiences from the weekend - including a report on an exclusive Club 33 panel on Disney Animation History with Mark Henn, who talks about how a traditional animator finds his place in the digital world. Then, Jeff reports on a Walt Disney Family Museum talk called "Walt's Kansas City," with author Dan Viets speaking about Walt Disney's childhood and youth in Missouri. Plus, we talk about Pixar coming to the parks in a big way, and give our opinions of the imminent arrival of Pixar Pier.

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Mousetalgia Episode 316: WDI's Spirit Photography, Fantasmic reservations

Walt Disney Imagineering develops Spirit Photography for the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion gift shop, and we have an exclusive interview about the project. Mousetalgia welcomes Imagineers Jim Clark, Brian Crosby, and Daniel Joseph to the show to discuss the inspiration, the creative process, and some of the magic behind the amazing new custom changing portraits that park guests can purchase at the Memento Mori store at WDW. Finally, a ghost really can "follow you home" from the Haunted Mansion when you purchase this innovative new park souvenir which is currently only available in the Orlando park. Also, Disney's tinseltown updates - Star Wars wraps, Toy Story 4 rapped, and the rap about Fantasmic's new FastPass options coming next month - Kristen outlines the various dining package opportunities, and the team discusses. Plus, anticipating next weekend's Avengers Half Marathon - and where should Figment go, if he needs to relocate? 

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Mousetalgia Episode 171 - Tink Half Marathon, Lunar New Year

The Tinker Bell Half Marathon report: This week, Becky takes us behind the scenes of the massive Tinker Bell Half Marathon held at Disneyland on January 29, and gives us a full report after finishing the full 13 mile course. Also, Disneyland celebrated the Lunar New Year with special events and entertainment, and Jeff and Kristen report on the various goings-on (and Jeff's multiple attempts to meet Mulan!) Also - trip reports, Disneyland firsts, and the best-kept breakfast secret at the resort!

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Mousetalgia Episode 144 - Marvel, Tim Burton, Club 33

The Marvel-ous D23 Episode - Imagineer Josh Shipley discusses the relationship of Disney and Marvel, and gives fans some reasons to look forward to the Marvel panel at the upcoming D23 Expo. Also, Jeff and Kristen share a trip report about a whirlwind trip to the Walt Disney Studios and Archive, Paradise Pier eateries, a Club 33 Vinter's Menu dinner review, and a review of the current exhibit of Tim Burton's art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Plus - Up on CD (finally!), and more!

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Mousetalgia - Episode 122

It's Mouse-terpiece Theatre! This week, Team Mousetalgia reviews some of our recent Disney-related reading material, including an intriguing biography of WED Imagineer Herb Ryman, a memoir of a WDW castmember, some Peter Pan fiction, a pictorial guide to the Walt Disney Family Museum, and an insider's look at Walt Disney World. Also - our review of the current issue of Twenty-Three magazine - is this glossy periodical too commercial, or just about right? We report - you decide!

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Mousetalgia - Episode 109

Let down your hair and enjoy Team Mousetalgia's review of Tangled, Disney's 50th animated feature. We talk 3D glasses, Alan Menken's score, Mandy Moore's crooning, and that PG rating. Also - Bobby, Sharon and Cubby tell Mouse-ke-tales! Team Mousetalgia reports from the Walt Disney Family Museum's Mickey Mouse Club reunion, and we talk about the event, including a meet and greet with the celebrities. Plus - Disney holiday decorations, Mater's Tall Tales, and more!

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Mousetalgia - Episode 108

Eye on Imagineering - In this week's episode, Mousetalgia welcomes Walt Disney Imagineer Brian Crosby to the show, who discusses his career as an Imagineer and his background as an artist. We talk about breaking into Imagineering, The ImagiNations project, and Brian's art for sale at the Disney Gallery and various special events. Also - first Disneyland memories, NYC's Disney Store, TRON, Kingdom Comedy, and more!

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Mousetalgia - Episode 107

Pixar! Team Mousetalgia report on a VIP screening at the Pixar Studios with director Lee Unkrich and another recent Pixar event with director Andrew Jimenez. Also - a review of the "Pixar: 25 Years of Animation" exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California; our favorite Pixar shorts; shopping at the Pixar studio; and a bonus Disneyland trip report. Does Tron belong in World of Color? Also - Jeff attends the taping of the Disneyland Christmas Parade, ElecTRONica continues to impress, and more!

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Mousetalgia - Episode 106

It's Listener Email Monday on Mousetalgia! This week, join Team Mousetalgia as we talk about a little bit of everything, from Annual Passports to Disneyland's half marathon. We discuss Disney-fied fairy tales and weigh their pros and cons. More on live music in the park and listener trip reports - and Chuckles the Clown: is he keeping coulrophobes from enjoying Toy Story 3? Plus - Mousetalgia Haiku, and more!

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Mousetalgia - Episode 102

The D23 Scavenger Hunt, Steve Davison on World of Color, Richard Sherman in concert at Destination D, and ElecTRONica - it's a supersized Mousetalgia Emporium! Team Mousetalgia invites first-place winner Henry Work to talk about besting hundreds of Disney fans in D23's first-ever official scavenger hunt; Team Mousetalgia attend a private party with Steve Davison revealing the secrets of World of Color; and... who knew the Disney Geek could sing? Team Mousetalgia review the Destination D "E-Ticket: Music from the Disney Parks" concert, featuring Richard Sherman playing his hits. Also - ElecTRONica lights up the streets of California Adventure, we list our favorite podcasts, and more!

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Mousetalgia - Episode 100

Mousetalgia turns 100 in our spectacular Talent Round-Up show! Our listeners sent in songs, emails, voice mails, artwork, and more to celebrate 100 episodes of our little podcast about Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and everything Disney! Also - a review of Mickey's humble beginnings. After all, without the mouse, where would we be today? Stay tuned next week for full Destination D coverage!

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