Mousetalgia - Episode 124

Mardi Gras at Disneyland and a visit to Walt Disney World - On this week's episode, Dave and Becky return from WDW and report on ways that Orlando bests Anaheim (softer toilet paper tops the list!) Meanwhile, Kristen reports on the Mardi Gras celebration at Disneyland's Family Fun Weekends. Also - Jeff and Kristen report on a visit to Hollywood's famed Magic Castle, and uncover some little-known Disney ties. Plus - D23's second anniversary, Mars Needs Moms at the Cartoon Art Museum... and more!

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  • Mind if I weigh in on Florida VS California? I won't bring in the other parks. That isn't really fair in my mind. Florida has a lot more soldiers to fight. Twice the Theme Parks, many times the hotels and ancillary attractions, etc. But, having been to WDW on a few is my list of the top five things they do better there...and SHOULD do better here. 5. The Cue for Toy Story Mania. The DCA one is a dull set of switchbacks and ropes. Florida has an AMAZING cue for this attraction where you are the size of a toy and navigate through a wonderland through a giant series of spaces with HUGE toys and games. It's gorgeous and we should have it here. Luckily, the Attraction itself is the same. 4. Carousel of Progress They have it, we used to. It's a great, definitive Walt-driven Legacy Attraction. Much better use of the space than Innoventions...which I tend to skip. 3. Country Bear Jamboree Again. Another much-missed high-end Walt/Marc Davis Disney attraction replaced by an inferior one. CBJ was unique. Winnie is just another Dark Ride....and not one of the better ones. 2. Tomorrowland in General Attractions like Stitch's Great Escape, a bigger, badder Space Mountain, and a much better theming color palate gives Florida a superior Tomorrowland experience any way you look at it. (though I miss Timekeeper. That was great). Ours in California gets worse and worse with every 'improvement' until it went from my favorite land, to my least favorite. Star Tours is over in the movie park where it belongs (California's ST should be in DCA, obviously). I liked Astro Blasters until Toy Story Mania blew it away. same idea about a million times better. and my number one "It's Better in Florida' item.... 1. Tower of Terror. When I first went on this ride, I was THRILLED as a long time thrill ride AND Twilight Zone fan.....wishing we had it in California. When they announced it here, i couldn't have been happier. Then when I went on the DCA version, I couldn't have been more disappointed. ALL the Pre-Show is GONE! The elevator moves FORWARD out of the shaft and THROUGH the Twilight Zone Credits. It's an astonishing, discombubulating effect. Just right. Innovative, amazing, new, and pure Disney magic. You Feel like you're really IN a Zone episode. DCA (for whatever Space?) they don't bother with the best part of the experience for the Twilight Zone Lovers. They just drop you a few times. Hell. 6-Flags can do that.

    posted by: Lance Falk on 2011-03-14 19:54:06

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