Welcome to Mousetalgia's Halloween Specter-tacular! This year, we have a bountiful boo-tique of freaky features to make your Halloween a ghast - er, a gas! First, Jeff recounts the DoomBuggies 20th anniversary party held at the Winchester Mystery House on Friday, October 13th (with a special guest appearance by Ghost Host Peter Renaday... bwahaHA!) Then, Kristen takes us back to Hong Kong where she celebrated Halloween in China with a scary twist. Hear about the seasonal parade, the special events, and the haunting Maze of Madness, where Disney characters turn murderous, you party in hell, and the whole experience mystifies Kristen. Finally, author Jim Fanning joins us to discuss "Trick or Treat," the fabulous Disney animated short from 1952 staring Donald Duck. We talk a little history, share a little behind the scenes info, and celebrate that famous song. Plus - a listener's review of Disneyland's new Happiest Haunts tour, and we share our scariest moments in Disney parks.

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