This week, Jeff takes you into his library to discuss a few literary topics. We talk to Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason about his recently published book of poetry about Disneyland, and the essence of Disney fandom. Then, we look at three recent official Disney cookbooks from Insight Editions and compare and contrast their contents. Finally, we discuss getting started with your own Disney book collection - where to turn, places to seek out signed books, and how the Disney company is responding to the explosion of unauthorized books.

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Mousetalgia Ep. 696: Pixar's Elemental

This week on Mousetalgia, Kristen returns and joins Jeff to discuss Pixar's latest offering, "Elemental." We discuss the critical reception the film received, our own perceptions and reactions to this deeply personal film, and try to rememnber when Pixar stopped being funny. We also discuss The Muppets Mayhem, The Little Mermaid, and American Born Chinese - and look forward to a flaming hot summer.

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Episode 695: Welcome back to Mousetalgia! Jeff soft-relaunches the show with a few thoughts about Mousetalgia's past, present and future, and then dives into a couple summer-y trip reports: a wine tasting at George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch, and a visit to the Aulani Hawaii Resort and Spa, featuring a review of 'Ama 'Ama's recently revised menu and general tips for visiting the popular island destination.

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