This week, Jeff invites his wife Julia back to Mousetalgia to talk about the ins and outs of Disney Vacation Club ownership, and the new Villas at the Disneyland Hotel. Is DVC right for you? Maybe we can help you decide. Also - Ravensburger releases its new highly-anticpated trading card game "Lorcana," and Jeff shares a story about the Lorcana announcement at the last D23 Expo. Plus - Disneyland announces new updates to the grounds of the Haunted Mansion coming to New Orleans Square with construction begining in January 2024 - what do we know, and what can we expect?

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This week, join Jeff on a deep dive as we explore the various inlets that took Walt Disney on his path toward the opening of his Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. We look at the influences that played a part in Walt's decision making as he created his mid-century marvel amidst a boom in "Tiki" culture spreading across America. Also, Disneyland releases (and immediately sells out) of another tiki mug, new Haunted Mansion merch starts to appear outside of the parks, and more.

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Welcome, foolish listeners - to this special Haunted-Mansion-54th-anniversary edition of Mousetalgia! Today, Jeff discusses autograph collecting, the pros and cons of collecting popcorn buckets, and a new Hat Box Ghost controversy! Plus, we celebrate the anniversary of the venerable Haunted Mansion, and Jeff shamelessly shares a Disney Visa offer (which you can find at ). 

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This week, Jeff is joined by Mansion fans Maegan Foret and Emma Mosier to discuss "Haunted Mansion," the newest film from Walt Disney Pictures. The trio discuss (spoiler-free) the plot, the characters, the sets, the music, the fan service and the movie's direct references to the Haunted Mansion attractions, and then discuss the film as it relates to the attraction in general as the newest property in Disney's Haunted Mansion oeuvre. Plus, Paul Reubens passed away this week, and Jeff recalls his body or work and his contributions to the Disney parks.

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