This week, Team Mousetalgia says "Hakuna Matata" and leaps into the world of the newest iteration of The Lion King. First, we welcome Michael Goldman, author of "The Art and Making of The Lion King," to the show to share some of the insight and secrets he discovered while researching his just-released book. We discuss the power of the storytelling, the incredible technology, and the redesigned characters in this groundbreaking film. Then, Jeff and Kristen review the film, discussing what worked well, what might not have worked as well, and the critical response to the film. Also - Kristen gets excited about Marvel's new slate; Dave shares family memories, and Jeff looks back at how Disneyland celebrated the first man on the moon in 1969.

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This week, Team Mousetalgia welcomes author/historian Didier Ghez back to the show to discuss the fifth book in his "They Drew as They Pleased" series titled "The Hidden Art of Disney's Early Rennassiance," with discussion about Mel Shaw and Ken Anderson's work for the Disney animation studio in the '70s and '80s. Didier also gives us some scoops on very exciting upcoming publications about Disney history. Then, we return to our inbox to answer a few more listener emails about trips to the Disneyland Resort, including topics such as: the art of Disneyland attractions - what is the legacy of these attractions worth?; ideas for making a trip to Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel extra special; and "snapping" attractions out of existence, Thanos-style.

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This week, to celebrate Disneyland's 64th anniversary, we take a look at the park through various eras. First, former Disneyland Tour Guide Barbara Brock returns to the Mousetalgia podcast to talk about keeping cool in Disneyland during the hot summers of the '80s, and shares some stories of her time taking guests around the park. Then we take a look back at the ABC live broadcast on July 17, 1955, and finally we learn about Disneyland's custodial efforts as portrayed in a Wonderful World of Disney article from 1969. Finally, we remember the life and work of Disney animator Milton Quon, who recently passed away at the age of 105. Also - if you had to take one of Disney's live action movies and produce it as an animated feature, which film would you choose - and why?

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This week, Jeff and Kristen take you on a True Life Adventure to Sequim, Washington to visit the Olympic Game Farm, which was home to some of Walt Disney's most famous animal actors in his nature films. The farm's president Robert Beebe talks to Mousetalgia on location about his grandfather Lloyd Beebe, the game farm's founder, about the hundreds of nature films Lloyd shot for Walt and the techniques he used to train wild animals to do specific tricks and motions for the movies. Also - Disneyland unearths a new exhibit in the Disney Gallery titled "Happy Haunts Materialize" celebrating 50 years of the Haunted Mansion, and Jeff takes a moment to talk all about the exhibit and describes some of the treasures that can be seen within. Plus - a moment at ACE Comic Con, and Beci Mahnken joins us to talk summertime snacking at the Disneyland Resort!

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