This week, Mousetalgia is totally going back to the '90s to discuss Barbie and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action appearances in Disney theme parks. We take a brief look at TMNT, and then turn our attention to an article from the Spring 1994 issue of The Disney Magazine that discusses the creation of the "The Magical World of Barbie" stage show, which was performed at Epcot Center during Barbie's 35th birthday. Also - in anticipation of the Haunted Mansion movie's weekend debut, we discuss some of the latest Haunted Mansion merch and promos appearing in anticipation of the imminent release of the film. Plus - Rogers the Musical - and more!

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Today, Mousetalgia celebrates Disneyland's 68th birthday with trip reports, touring tips, and a discussion of the current Disneyland experience. We also talk about the current Van Eaton Galleries Disneyland auction (starting today!), and look back at a 1964 program in which Disneyland and Tivoli Gardens swapped Tour Guides. Plus - Tim visits Walt's apartment, Kristen offers a July 17th-only offer - and more.

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This week, Jeff talks about his history with the Walt Disney Family Museum, and by referencing the signatures in his souvenir book, takes you on a walk back through the first decade of special guests and various events at the museum. Plus, we take a look at the 1962 "Dixieland at Disneyland" event, and wonder what it might have been like to participate in Disneyland's early special ticketed events.

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Rabbits, Kitties and Dogs - oh, my! This week, Jeff and special guests Tina and Julia discuss a plethora of Disney's cuddliest companions. First - Tina and Julia describe a 35th anniversary screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit at the Casto Theatre featuring an appearance by Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit himself. Then, Jeff and Julia review Disney Cats and Dogs, the newly-installed exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum running through January 14, 2024. Plus - a look back at Walt Disney's July 4th weekend in Marceline in 1956, and a new Soarin'-style ride is scheduled to open in Monterey, CA. 

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