This week, Mousetalgia celebrates Disney100 by speaking with Laurieanne Zandbergen, the daughter of Virginia Davis, who was the little girl hired by Walt and Roy Disney to perform as "Alice" for their Alice comedies on Oct. 16, 1923, marking the "official" birthday of the Walt Disney Company. Laurieanne talks about her mother's memories of working with Walt, the history of the Alice Comedies, and the importance of the role Virginia played in the formation of Walt's career. Then, we speak with Melissa Cavanagh, a very close friend of Mickey Mouse, about Mickey's career including meeting fans, staying optimistic, and ice skating. Plus - facts about mouse circuses, Mickey's Circus remembered - and more.

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This week, Jeff and Kristen provide a detailed review of the 3-bedroom Grand Villa in the brand-new Discovery Tower at the Disneyland Hotel. Plus - Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, a look behind the scenes at the Napa Rose (and an encounter with the restaurant's new General Manager), and Anaheim's Muzeo celebrates Anaheim's Halloween traditions in a new exhibit. Plus - a look at Van Eaton Galleries huge new space in Studio City, a report on our resort shopping experience - and more!

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This week, Mousetalgia sets out the fall potpourri with a collection of fun seasonal topics. First, Julia Layne returns to the show to present a list of fun fall activities you can enjoy with a little Disney twist, in case you aren't able to make it to the parks this year for all the Halloween fun. Then, Jeff and Julia report on a recent event at the Walt Disney Family Museum featuring Walt Disney Imagineering Executive Creative Director Kim Irvine, who has spent over half a century (and counting) as an Imagineer and shared stories about her mentors and notable projects over the course of her career at Disneyland. Finally, Jeff talks to National Geographic Kids Senior Editor Ariane Szu-Tu about "Weird But True! Disney," the latest installment in the popular line of books packed with trivia and facts from all over the Walt Disney Company.

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