No. 16: A trip to Pixar
Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #4: A trip to Pixar from June 22, 2014.

Kristen reports on an "Incredible" visit to Pixar in Emeryville! But first, we talk about the cost of a day at Disneyland (circa 2014) - do the recent price hikes change people's philosophies about visiting the parks, and if not, why? Team Mousetalgia discusses value vs. time vs. crowds, and we draw interesting conclusions. Next, a listener reviews the live action film "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride," Jeff announces a haunting new project, and then Kristen visits the Pixar Studios for an amazing day at the annual Cartoon Art Museum benefit. Highlights include a trip to the Pixar employee store, Pixar animator Jeff Pidgeon's drawing seminar, a Monsters U art display, lunch in the Luxo Cafe - and the highlight of the day, a panel discussing the Incredibles in honor of its tenth anniversary in the Steve Jobs Theatre, with a presentation by director Brad Bird and head of story Mark Andrews, among a stable of other Pixar animators that worked on the Academy Award-winning film.

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No. 15: The Story of Disneyland auction; Glen Keane

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Team Mousetalgia discusses the hobby of collecting Disneyana this week as we talk with Mike Van Eaton, the proprietor of Van Eaton Galleries, about his current exhibition titled "The Story of Disneyland," a massive auction of a single collector's treasure trove of nearly 1,800 pieces including Disneyland props, ephemera, souvenirs and memorabilia. Van Eaton discusses the exhibition, and also shares his personal story about getting into the animation art business, then passes on some tips for new collectors just getting into the hobby. Also, Jeff reports from the Walt Disney Family Museum on a talk featuring Disney animation legend Glen Keane, who animated characters including Beast, Ariel, Tarzan, Pocahontas, and more. Keane spoke about his animation background, his experiences at the Walt Disney Animation studio, his time spent with Walt's "Nine Old Men," and his latest project called "Duet," an interactive animated short created in conjunction with Google. Plus - the team talks about our favorite collectibles, a listener reports on a recent art exhibition - and more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #14: Disney University and Van Arsdale France from March 11, 2013

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Van Arsdale France and Disneyland University: Team Mousetalgia takes a look at the career of France and his contribution to the development of the Disneyland "cast member," as well as a little history of the frantic march to Disneyland's opening day and the challenges of staffing the park. We also talk to Cast Member Lindsay, and get a modern perspective on what it means to represent the Disney company today. Also - we dig into the email folder and offer Disneyland resort dining tips, trip tips, and a random JJ Abrams sighting! Plus, windows on Main Street - and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgias_Best_Ear_Ever_No._14.mp3
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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #13: Mary Blair, Happiest Haunt Tour from October 10, 2011.

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Tour Disneyland with the Happiest Haunts - This week, Jeff takes you along as he seeks to foil a villainous plot on the Disneyland Happiest Haunts Tour, which takes place during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort. Find out if it's worth the added ticket price, and go behind the scenes to find out what you can expect from the 3-plus-hour walking tour. Plus, Oct. 21 would have been Mary Blair's 100th birthday, and to mark the occasion, we talk to Jeanne Chamberlain and Maggie Richardson, the nieces of Mary, who share some personal stories and memories of growing up knowing the influential Disney artist. Plus, Gay Days, Woody goes on vacation - and more!
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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever No. 12: Kevin Kidney on Annette Funicello from Jan. 13, 2013

Kevin Kidney returns to the show to share some of his personal stories about Disney Legend Annette Funicello, and he discusses Annette's Place, a fundraiser for the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases. But first, Dave and Becky visit Disneyland for the first Limited Time Magic experience of 2013, the Three Kings Day Celebration. From rarely seen character appearances to special dances and performances, Disneyland pulled out all the stops for this traditional holiday, and Mousetalgia reports. Next, we share some "Pictures of Annette," featuring some articles, news bits, and memories of her career with Disney as a Mouseketeer and pop icon. Renowned Disney Artist Kevin Kidney discusses the recently opened online store to benefit Annette's foundation featuring some of his artwork, and shares some inspirational stories about America's Sweetheart. Plus - a hotel report, Carthay Circle tips, our Limited Time Magic dreams... and more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever No. 11: A visit with Alice Davis

Episode 103 from October 18, 2010: Join Kristen and Jeff for an exclusive visit with Disney Legend Alice Estes Davis, and learn about the history and life of this extraordinary artist and costume designer for WED Enterprises. Alice takes Mousetalgia on a tour of Marc Davis' studio, and shows us a lifetime of Marc's artwork, awards, and attraction designs. Also: Mousetalgia invades Club 33 and the Unofficial Guide... plus more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #10: Disneyland fireworks and D23's Disneyland 54th anniversary event from July 20, 2009.

Mousetalgia celebrates Disneyland’s 54th birthday by watching “Disneyland U.S.A.” at a private D23 screening and takes you behind the scenes, where we learn the secrets of Disneyland’s fireworks, meet “Bob” Lindquist, and… Gurr takes Nixon hostage? Plus, Mousetalgia remembers Disney voice actor Dal McKennon (1919-2009) with a very special exclusive interview. Also, a look at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion “O-pin House” summer of pins, and more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #9: Rolly Crump and an evening at the Tahitian Terrace from October 22, 2012.

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Visit Disneyland's Tahitian Terrace with Mousetalgia! Take a trip back through time with us as we re-open the Tahitian Terrace in a special one-night-only event at Disneyland, and relive the island magic and exotic polynesian dance performances that have been missing from the park for nearly 2 decades. Team Mousetalgia takes you behind the scenes of the planning of the event, and we discuss our panel discussion, featuring stories from Disney Legend Rolly Crump, who worked for Walt Disney on attractions such as the Enchanted Tiki Room, the Haunted Mansion, and many others. Plus - special appearances by Bob Gurr and Tony Baxter! Also, we talk CHOC Walk, Mickey's Halloween Party - and more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #8: D23 Scavenger Hunt and Destination D recap from Oct. 10, 2010.

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The D23 Scavenger Hunt, Steve Davison on World of Color, Richard Sherman in concert at Destination D, and ElecTRONica - it's a supersized Mousetalgia Emporium! Team Mousetalgia invites first-place winner Henry Work to talk about besting hundreds of Disney fans in D23's first-ever official scavenger hunt; Team Mousetalgia attend a private party with Steve Davison revealing the secrets of World of Color; and... who knew the Disney Geek could sing? Team Mousetalgia review the Destination D "E-Ticket: Music from the Disney Parks" concert, featuring Richard Sherman playing his hits. Also - ElecTRONica lights up the streets of California Adventure, we list our favorite podcasts, and more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #7: Marty Sklar at the Walt Disney Family Museum from Dec. 7, 2009.

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Disney Legend Marty Sklar talks about conceptual artist Herb Ryman at the Walt Disney Family Museum, and he also discusses working for Walt Disney at WED Enterprises when Disneyland was being created. The team also review "Old Dogs," and a listener weighs in on the Cartoon Art Museum benefit at the Pixar studios - plus more!

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #5: Don Hahn on creativity from October 2, 2011

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Don Hahn talks with Mousetalgia this week to discuss his latest book, "Brain Storm: Unleashing Your Creative Self." Hahn and Team Mousetalgia discuss the book and the topic of creativity - as well as The Lion King's domination of the box office, and Hahn's other projects, including his recent documentary "Hand Held," which just won the International Humanitarian Award from the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Also, Jeff reports on two dueling Haunted Mansion events held at Walt Disney World on September 29 and 30 (2011)  that have left some attendees steamed.

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Mousetalgia's Best Ear Ever #4: Tangled lyricist Glenn Slater from Dec. 13, 2010.

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Meet Tangled lyricist Glenn Slater in our exclusive Mousetalgia interview! Learn how Glenn got tangled up with Disney's 50th animated feature, how the songs for the film were developed, how he found the voice for the various characters, and much more. Also, can't-miss Disneyland holiday traditions, and Epic Mickey - the Mousetalgia review! What does the return of Oswald mean for the future of Mickey Mouse? Plus, haiku - and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgias_Best_Ear_Ever_No._4.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia lets you be a part of the final show and share your hearts. We also announce Mousetalgia's "BEST EAR EVER!" starting next Monday, and sign off one last time. We love you all! KIT: and

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_693.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia speak to some of our favorite guests from the past 13 years of our show, including Beci Mahnken of Mouse Fan Travel, former Imagineers Josh and Croz, Disney historian Joseph Titizian, former Disneyland Tour Guide Barbara Brock, Disney Geek Jeffrey Epstein, author/Imagineer Chris Merritt, and podcaster/comedian/superstar Tim Babb. Join us for all sorts of fun and insightful conversations!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_692b.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia is jam-packed with history and fandom. First, we welcome D23 VP Michael Vargo back to the show to give us a peek at the newest D23 Gold Member gift and to chat about the latest happenings at D23 and how things have shifted during the pandemic. Next, Dave reports on last week's D23 press event announcing the upcoming 2022 D23 Expo, giving us the first announcements and notes about the event. Then, we welcome Disney artist and historian Kevin Kidney back to the show to share some of his research and stories about the making of Walt Disney Pictures' Swiss Family Robinson and Disneyland's Swiss Family Treehouse. Plus - a big announcement.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_691.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia celebrates Downtown Disney's 21st anniversary by noting our favorite retail and dining options in the district. Then we talk about the past few weeks of Disney happenings, including Disney shows and movies, recent books, and gifts we gave or received this holiday season.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_690.mp3
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It's time for the annual Mousetalgia AMAs, and you, the listeners, did not disappoint with a wide variety of intriguing inquiries for us to tackle on this week's show. We talk about Mousetalgia's five year plan, attraction wait times, the worst Disney Park food, favorite Disney attractions, favorite Disney gifts, things we love besides Disney, Disney shows we are eagerly awaiting, favorite characters, VIP tours with annoying celebrities, debating Genie Plus, Small World scenes, what would Walt do?, where is Becky? the height of the Dwarfs - and so much more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_689.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia (with returning guest Tim Babb) welcome 2022 by taking a look back at the past year in Disney, discussing our favorite movies, books, theme park experiences/additions, favorite Disney purchases, favorite Disney eating experiences, best Disney+ shows, and we offer our first ever Pollyanna Awards, discussing the things we are most thankful for from 2021.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_688.mp3
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Merry Christmas! In this special holiday episode, Team Mousetalgia celebrates yuletide with a Candlelight trip report and a very special guest. First, Jeff was able to visit Disneyland for this year's Candlelight Processional, and shares a brief report about the event, waiting in line for Rise of the Resistance, and blowing off Zachary Levi. Then, we welcome Imagineer/author Chris Merritt back to the show to talk about Marc Davis' Enchanted Snow Palace, an attraction Davis conceptualized that was never realized in the parks. We discuss Davis' vision, the scenes and characters, and the history behind the development of the attraction. Season's greetings to you and yours from the entire Mousetalgia crew!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_687.mp3
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This week, Dave and Becky report on spending Thanksgiving weekend at the Disneyland Resort with the kids. We talk about the food situation at the park, including new reviews of Lamplight Lounge, GCH Craftsman Bar and Rancho del Zocalo. We talk about the state of the Disneyland restaurants, churros, the current types of character interaction opportunities, and dealing with queues and children. Plus - a review of the Karmel Shuttle Service, and today is Dick Van Dyke's birthday, so we celebrate with our favorite DVD memories!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_686.mp3
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What makes a monster - and what makes a man? Jeff recently attended a performance of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Hale Center Theater in Orem, Utah, and Jeff reviews the performance and talks about the process of bringing stories like "Hunchback" to the stage. We talk about Victor Hugo's original book, the new theatrical version, and the differences between the characters in the play and the animated versions of the story. Plus, we list our top six favorite Disneyland holiday celebrations - and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_685.mp3
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This week, Jeff and Dave chat about the recent Mouse-Con 2021 event held at in Concord, California on Nov. 7. Jeff spoke at the event about the Haunted Mansion (natch) and attended some panels, including a Disneyland Hotel panel with Don Ballard and a Pocohantus panel with voice actor Irene Bedard. Jeff reviews the panels, discusses the other special guests, and talks about the Disneyana for sale - including some vintage Disney Catalog merch purchases. Plus - our favorite convention memories!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_684.mp3
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This week, spend some time feeling the Disneyland magic straight from Main Street, U.S.A. with Mousetalgia. Our guest is former cast member Bruce Edwards, who spent a few years in the late '70s as a magician and prankster in the Main Street Magic Shop. Bruce shares his memories of growing up with Disney and finally getting a job at the park, and talks about his co-workers and his path toward becoming a professional magician, his memories of pulling pranks on the guests, and his life after leaving the magic shop. Plus - our favorite magic shop memories! Find Bruce's new book "Nothing Up My Sleeve But Pixie Dust" at

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_683.mp3
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All of Mousetalgia ended up at the Disneyland Resort for a weekend in October, and this week, we talk about our experiences as the resort continues to recover from the pandemic shutdown. We discuss the Disneyland Resort Hotel service and give quick hits on the variety of eating options, including reviews of the Craftsman Bar, River Belle Terrace, Napa Rose, Lamplight Lounge, Carnation Cafe, and Cafe Orleans. Plus - Kristen visits Club 33 and brings back a drink recipe to share - and we tell two cautionary tales about Disneyland balloons.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_682.mp3
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On October 24, Jeff married Julia at the Disneyland Resort, and we have all the details for you in this week's episode! We talk about the food, the ceremony, the venue, the 5:00 am photo session inside of Disneyland Park, the talented performers, and working with Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and White Rabbit Photo Boutique. Plus - our memories of the Skyway.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_681.mp3
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Help us usher in the holidays at the Disneyland Resort with a musical celebration! This week, we welcome special guest Tim Babb to the show to discuss our top 20 favorite instances of holiday music in the Disney parks. Also - a look back through history at an animation exhibit introducing Song of the South to Georgians, and Kristen reviews books: Birnbaum's 2022 Official Walt Disney World guidebooks for adults and kids, and "Tales of Courage and Kindness," a new storybook about a variety of Disney Princesses that can facilitate conversations between parents and their children.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_680.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia gets spooky for Halloween week with a variety of spook-sational items. First, Jeff reports from an event at the Walt Disney Family Museum with Gonzo the Great and Pepe the King Prawn sharing stories from the making of "Muppets Haunted Mansion," and then we speak with Kirk Thatcher, the director of the special, who talks about the genesis of the project and some of the experiences he had filming the show. Then, we speak with Kelly Younger, who joined Kirk and Bill Barretta as a writer for the special. Kelly talks about the nature of writing for Muppets, stories about developing the songs in the show, and the success of the special. Next, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Haunted Mansion Holiday with Disney artist Tim Wollweber, who worked on the design and construction of the original Haunted Mansion Holiday, and continues to be involved with the annual centerpiece gingerbread Haunted Mansion, Halloween Time at the parks, and the design of various tiki mugs for Trader Sams - among numerous other projects. We talk about the timeless appeal of Tim Burton's characters, the blending of Nightmare Before Christmas with the original Haunted Mansion, and more. Plus - our list of the scariest Disney Parks attractions... boo!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_679.mp3
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This week, we celebrate the debut of "Winnie the Pooh: The New Musical Stage Adaptation" in New York on Theatre Row with a hundred acres of fun! First, we discuss our history with the willy, nilly silly old bear, and talk about the variety of ways Pooh has touched culture over the past century. Then, we chat with Matthew Lish, Puppet/Prop Coordinator and Lead Puppet Builder for the brand new off-Broadway production of "Winnie the Pooh." Plus - a Haunted Mansion moment about Disneyland fun maps!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_678.mp3
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This week, we turn our attention to the east as Walt Disney World celebrates its first half century of making magical memories. We welcome Beci Mahnken, CEO of Mouse Fan Travel, back to the show to breakdown all of the latest news from the resort's 50th anniversary celebration, including attraction news, resort and hotel happenings, new shows and dining experiences, and much more. Plus - Kristen reviews new books celebrating Walt Disney World's 50th, and we offer tips for folks attempting to return to Disneyland after all of the pandemic-era changes.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_677.mp3
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This week, Jeff takes you along on his tasting trip to Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa for his rapidly-approaching Disney Fairy Tale Wedding. We talk about the menu, the pastries and cake options, some clarifications from Jeff's initial wedding report - and, of course, Jeff answers the question about the authenticity of the Bengal Barbecue skewers. Plus - Trader Sam's unveils a new Haunted Mansion-themed tiki mug, and Jeff dives into the thick of it. Also - McDonalds makes more Disney Parks-themed Happy Meal toys, and we discuss.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_676.mp3
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It's the spooking season, and we are welcoming October with a spectre-tacular eek-isode of Mousetalgia. First, Jeff takes us back in time and walks us through his 2003 trip to the sets of Walt Disney Pictures' "The Haunted Mansion," and Kristen offers 31 days of Disney-related treats for Halloween. Everything from playlists to pastimes, boos to books - and even a recipe for "Goofy's Green Fish Mousse" (and a Mousetalgia challenge to boot!) From scary Disney movies to YouTube recommendations, we offers ways for you to bring the spooky to every day of October through Halloween. Plus - our top underrated Disney films, and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_675.mp3
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This week, we talk about rings prehistoric and nuptial as we discuss the new Marvel Studios film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding at the Disneyland Resort. First, Kristen and Jeff talk about the new film, which is Kristen's favorite in the Marvel pantheon. We give a spoiler-free review and consider the characters, the romance or lack thereof, and the new stage being set by Marvel for the future of their tales of the Avengers. Then, Jeff is getting married at Disneyland next month (!) and discusses the process of planning a Disneyland wedding. We talk about getting started, relative pricing, wedding photos in the park, and how to customize the ceremony to make it your own. If you've ever considered getting married in the park, you won't want to miss this episode! Plus - win a free "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar of Ghoulish Delights" from Insight Editions.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_674.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia is pleased to welcome Disney Legend Hayley Mills to the show. Enjoy our insightful chat about her time spent making films for the Disney Studios as a child, her family life, her career before and after Disney, and her relationship with her parents and Walt Disney himself. Plus - listen for a chance to win a copy of Hayley Mills' new memoir "Forever Young" signed by Hayley herself!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_673.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes the crew of our latest project to the show to discuss their new podcast - the Mousetalgia FastPass! In an interview recorded live from the Hollywood Backlot at DCA, the FastPass crew share some of their inspirations, history, park favorites, and insights regarding who they are and how they intend to go about sharing the news of Disneyland Resort with their listeners every week. Plus - Team Mousetalgia share some Disney collectible fails! We talk about our biggest flops in our time as collectors of Disneyana.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_672.mp3
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This week, join Team Mousetalgia as we speak with legendary Disney producer Don Hahn about his latest project, a short film about Walt Disney's "Storybook Mansion," the house Walt built on Woking Way and lived in with his family from 1932 until he bought his next home in 1949 and moved into in 1950. Don speaks with us about the property, why we are so interested in Walt's personal life, and visiting the place with Disney Legend Floyd Norman. Also - Pirate bird nests, collectible calendars, cancelled trips and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_671.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia speaks with author and historian Don Ballard about the rich history of the Disneyland Hotel. We discuss the reasons Walt asked businessman Jack Wrather to open the hotel next to Disneyland, and the early guest experience at the hotel, including memories about restaurants, the mid century atmosphere, and the hotel's legacy through the changes it has made over the years. Plus - we discuss exploring Disneyland's massive properties attic, and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_670.mp3
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This week, in honor of the anniversary of Fess Parker's birthday, Team Mousetalgia takes a look back at the legacy of Parker's post-Disney business ventures, and we consider how he might have been influenced by Walt Disney to take bold steps into the world of themed entertainment. Then, we answer your emails about horrible moments at Disneyland, WDW vacation planning, enjoying solo trips, listeners "calling in," and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_669.mp3
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This week, in honor of the Haunted Mansion's 52nd anniversary, Team Mousetalgia looks at some of the new Haunted Mansion-themed merchandise coming from Target and Spirit just in time for Halloween, and we consider a new key being offered to the old house on the hill. Then, we take a look at Disneyland Resort's new Magic Key program, and contemplate how it compares to previous annual pass programs and the ramifications for current park attendees. We may have more questions than answers, but we start our decision-making process in terms of the value of the new passes on this episode.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_668.mp3
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This week, Jeff discusses his summer vacation to Aulani - A Disney Spa and Resort in Ko Olina, Hawaii, and talks about a stay at the resort. We discuss the DVC accommodations, the resort's amenities, the dining opportunities, all the pools, and the planning that goes into a trip to Aulani. Then, Jeff and Kristen discuss the latest film from the Walt Disney Studio "The Jungle Cruise," starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. We talk about returning to theaters in the midst of the COVID pandemic and our spoiler-free reaction to the film's premise, humor and characters - and that Metallica song. Plus - Mousetalgia is a teenager! We reminisce about our past 13 years of podcasting.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_667.mp3
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This week, visit the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland with Mousetalgia as we talk to two theme park design experts about the original Alice attraction which opened in 1958 at Disneyland. Former Imagineers Chris Merritt and Don Carson talk all about the history, the design, and the sounds of this quintessential Fantasyland dark ride. Don also shares the story of his development of a VR ride-through of the original attraction. Plus, in honor of 666 episodes of this podcast, we talk about some diabolical Disney deeds.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_666.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia reviews some recent Disney media, starting with a report on a Barnes and Noble panel discussion about "Star Wars - the High Republic." Jeff discusses this virtual event, which featured authors of some new book releases. Then, it's "Delish Does Disney" vs. "Disney Villains: Devilishly Delicious Cookbook." Jeff and Kristen review these latest culinary book releases which are both based on Disney magic, but do the recipes deliver? Finally, we take a look at Luca, and host our own roundtable discussion on the merits and challenges presented by Disney/Pixar's latest film.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_665.mp3
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This week, join Mousetalgia for a fascinating conversation with former Imagineer Ethan Reed. Ethan tells us his origin story which includes his childhood trips to Disneyland, his love of Donald Duck and animation, and his introduction to Walt Disney Imagineering. We also discuss his work for the company including character design work for the Duffy and Friends franchise (and the mania surrounding the Duffy bear); work on Camp Woodchuck; animating Mr. Potato Head; and his character design work for Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland. Ethan packs facts and bits of trivia into his stories, including rarely-heard information about the process of designing stories and characters for Disney's theme parks worldwide.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_663.mp3
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This week, Jeff takes his daughters to Disneyland for Father's Day, which happened to be the first weekend that the resort welcomed out of state guests back into the parks and also relaxed their mask and social distancing rules, per guidance from the state and CDC. Jeff talks about returning to the Grand Californian Hotel, and we review the pool and the hotel's restaurants, with a focus on the Napa Rose's Summer Vintner's Table Menu. Then, we discuss the current park experience, and describe what you should expect if you are considering a return to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_662.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia is pleased to welcome author and historian Dave Bossert back to the show to discuss his latest book, "Claude Coats: Walt Disney's Imagineer: The Making of Disneyland From Toad Hall to the Haunted Mansion and Beyond." Dave is joined on the show by retired Imagineer Alan Coats, who happens to be Claude's son and also contributed to the book. The two talk about Claude's impact on Disneyland by discussing his early career in animation, his contributions to the development of atmosphere for the many projects he worked on, and his ongoing legacy. Plus - inexpensive artwork from the production of Sleeping Beauty, Disney dad jokes, XBox and Disney+ - and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_661.mp3
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This week, Jeff shares stories from the grand opening of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure on June 4. We talk about the opening day crowds and how Disney struggled to deal with the crush of visitors who hoped to visit this new land on day one, and then we discuss some of the features of the new area, including the architecture, the attractions, the souvenirs, the entertainment, and the food.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_660.mp3
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This week, Kristen takes us to the premiere of "Heroes & Villains: The Art of the Disney Costume" at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, and joins D23's Jeffrey Epstein and Becky Cline, Director of the Walt Disney Archives, who share some behind-the-scenes stories about the development of the exhibition and discuss the value of costumes to on-screen storytelling. Then, we discuss America's return to the cinema, and we talk about getting back to community events and returning to the big screen. Finally, we review Disney's Cruella, and talk about the cast, those costumes, and the vibe of this new dark entry into the Disney Studios catalog. Plus - remembering the Monsanto House of the Future, and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_659.mp3
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In this special episode, Kristen, Becky and special guest Jennifer share stories and tips about taking self-care trips to the park as primary caretakers. In this day-trip memoir, the panelists discuss snacking, shopping, touring Galaxy's Edge, the state of the park, friend trips vs. solo trips, and the art of taking a moment for yourself in the midst of family pressures and a worldwide pandemic.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_658.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia speaks with Disneyland '55 alum Bob D'Arcy, who Walt called "the kid." Bob watched Disneyland being built and became the first Disneyland tour guide. In our exclusive interview, Bob talks about his first duties as a tour guide, some of his other tasks at the park, and some of his interactions with celebrities visiting the park and Walt himself. He also talks about his love affair with Judy "Slue Foot Sue" Marsh, who performed the role during the Golden Horseshoe's first year of operation. Plus - we discuss re-imagining the Space Mountain soundtrack, and share some big news: Hayley Mills' memoir is now on pre-sale! (Tip: In this episode, we suggested you try to place an order for a signed copy, but they are already sold out. However, Books-a-Million just launched a pre-sale for signed copies on their website, and as of this episode's publication, there are still copies available. Good luck!)

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_657.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia continues their coverage of Disneyland's reopening with a number of topics, including how to choose which park to start your Disneyland day, and changes to the overall experience of the park and some specific attractions, including Haunted Mansion, Adventureland, and Snow White's Enchanted Wish. We also share our top tips for visiting the parks in the near future, and discuss what you will experience if you choose to shop in the parks, and what to expect at the end of the day.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_656.mp3
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Disneyland has reopened after being closed for over 400 days. From our own emotions about re-entering the park, to the interactions with Cast Members, to the different atmosphere in the park and the very limited food options - touring Disneyland is a very different experience in the era of COVID-19. In part one of a special two-part report, Team Mousetalgia discusses our return to Anaheim and how our expectations met reality as we embraced the new tone of the Disneyland experience.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_655.mp3
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Celebrate Star Wars with Team Mousetalgia on May the Fourth and all week long with some announcements from a galaxy far, far away, including new book releases, Star Wars VR news, Rogue One storyboard revelations, new LEGO releases - and the story of how Obi Wan Kenobi broke Jeff's heart. Then, it's on to the listener email inbox. Today's topics include: A discussion of Imagineer Jim Sarno, the magic of Disneyland, retired characters at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, returning to the annual passholder vibe - yay or nay?, remembering Cicely Rigdon, taking babies to Disneyland, and more. Plus: revisting the Haunted Mansion's stretching room, and our thoughts about re-imagining that challenging scene.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_654.mp3
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This week, Jeff reports on a trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum to visit the new exhibit "Walt Disney Studios and World War II." This new installation describes the studio's contributions to America's war effort, and describes how the studio was impacted by its work for the U. S. government. Then, the countdown has begun to the opening of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, and Kristen Carr checks in with the latest necessary info for making a return to the magic. Plus - we discuss some of our favorite Disney-related websites - and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_653.mp3
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A Touch of Disney, part two: This week, Jeff reports on a second trip to DCA and "A Touch of Disney" to look at some of the human/character interactions, and what it might mean for the imminent reopening of the resort. Kristen Carr also checks in with a countdown to Disneyland's reopening, describing the process of getting reservations, what to look forward to eating in the parks' first days of reopening, and a hotel review. Also - Team Mousetalgia remembers the 64-65 New York World's Fair, as we discuss attractions we wish we could have experienced. Plus: Carthay Circle's al fresco menu, Photopass opportunities, and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_652.mp3
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This week in Disney history - This week, we discuss a variety of topics, including: the world premiere of The Avengers, Euro Disneyland opens, Glen Keane's birth and Tutti Camarata's passing, Disney story artist Sylvia Holland (with special guest Didier Ghez); Tokyo Disneyland's opening, and Charlie Chaplin's influence on Walt Disney. Also - in honor of the anniversary of the opening of Disneyland's The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, we look to the future and decide what attraction will someday replace Pooh as inauspiciously as Pooh replaced the County Bears. Plus: Want to get your tickets to Disneyland? Kristen Carr breaks down the process and options.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_651.mp3
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This week, Jeff reports on "A Touch of Disney," and takes us along as he visits Disney California Adventure to try some familiar foods, walking along familiar avenues, in a familiar heatwave. We discuss the eating options, the shopping experience, and Jeff's overall impression of the soft-reopening of the Disneyland Resort. Also: We list our top five Disney film/series trailers; top five ways to relax with Disney, and Dave's top five Disney bars... er, bears. Plus, Kristen Carr keeps you in the know with her Mousetalgia FastPass report - and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_650.mp3
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This week, we present a Mousetalgia Emporium. First, we offer our impressions of the Raya and the Last Dragon, and host a brief discussion of the artistry, the music and the film's ideas of trust and friendship. We also talk to Michael Vargo, Vice President of D23, about the 2021 Gold Member Collector Set, and we discuss the contributions of Kevin and Jody to the set (which features 50 years of Walt Disney World) and the nature of collectibles. Next, we discuss the first episode of DisneyPlus' Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and we compare the series with WandaVision, discuss Kristen's commitment to the MCU, and wonder what happened to Steve Rogers. Also - Kristen Carr discusses the latest health guidance as it relates to Disneyland's parks and she outlines the recent Disneyland Forward expansion proposal - and finally, we profile some important women from the history of the Disney Company.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_649.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia welcomes Beci Mahnken (CEO, MEI/Mouse Fan Travel) back to the show to talk about what we can expect as COVID-19 restrictions begin to loosen around the country and people start to plan to take their first post-pandemic Disney vacations. We talk Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruises, Aulani and Adventures by Disney, and help you figure out the ins and outs of booking future travel. Plus, don't miss Kristen Carr's opening day trip report from "A Touch of Disney," the dining event happening now at Disney California Adventure. Kristen shares important tips and tricks with event ticket-holders for making the most of your trip to the almost-opened Disney resort.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_648.mp3
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What can happen in a year? Disneyland has been dark for over 365 days, but the Walt Disney Company has done remarkable things in the span of a year. Kristen takes us on a tour of Disney history in year-long segments, with topics including Walt's Alice comedies, the Wonderful World of Disney on TV, the construction of Disneyland, the studio's post-Walt era, and finally we discuss the year since Disneyland closed, and consider what to expect as the park begins to prepare to reopen. We also compare expectations from a post-pandemic trip to Walt Disney World vs. a reduced-capacity Disneyland, and try to draw some conclusions about planning upcoming family vacations.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_647.mp3
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This week, we discuss collecting Disneyana during a pandemic, and we talk about what has changed and what has remained the same for memorabilia collectors as the world shut down for a year. Jeff talks about his own recent collecting, and we mention trading cards, autographs and virtual conventions, upcoming online Disneyana auctions, and our ongoing conversation about eBay tips and tricks. Then, Kristen Carr joins us for a conversation about Disney California Adventure's upcoming "A Touch of Disney" events, and we talk about the registration process and what to expect from the experiences. Plus - Disney Stores are closing so we reminisce about the history of Disney's brick and mortar stores, Haunted Mansion as a lifestyle - and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_646.mp3
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TG-it's-Mousetalgia! Today, get prehistoric with us as we go back to the '90s and discuss the conceptualization and development of ABC's "Dinosaurs," a puppet-based sitcom from ABC's popular TGIF line-up that has just been released on Disney+. Returning to the show is Emmy award-winning writer/producer Kirk Thatcher, who designed most of the characters after working directly with his mentor Jim Henson. Learn the fascinating history of this fun (and at times controversial) puppet series. Plus - Kristen Carr checks in with the latest resort news, Jeff talks tea sets, Kristen subscribes to Tokyo, and Dave discusses Native Shoes.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_645.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia talks about the variety of fine art at Disneyland, both on display and for sale. We're joined by special guest Eric Robison, who talks about his history as a Disney artist, including his work as a show designer with Imagineering and his journey to becoming a beloved character artist with works sold through the Disney Gallery. Robison talks about taking inspiration from the Imagineers who came before him, his time meeting fans at the Disney Gallery signings, and his groundbreaking style that turned traditional Disney character art on its head and launched a new market. Plus - remembering Disneyland artist Charles Boyer, and Kristen Carr takes us to a galaxy far, far away.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_644.mp3
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This week, we honor the legacy of one of our country's greatest presidents by taking a closer look at Walt Disney's Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln attraction, and we are joined by two Imagineers who had instrumental roles in its history. Disney Legend Bob Gurr was the Imagineer responsible for designing the original Audio-Animatronic Lincoln figure for the 1964 World's Fair, and Josh Shipley was the Art Director for the 2009 version of the attraction, which still exists today. Join us on an emotional, introspective tour of the history of the development of the show, the challenges of presenting an introspective attraction to modern audiences, and the continuing influence the attraction has on people today. Plus - Kristen Carr updates us on the latest resort news, and we discuss the changes heading for the Jungle Cruise attraction.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_643.mp3
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This week, we celebrate two decades of fun in the sun as we look back at the design and development of Disney California Adventure in the week of its 20th anniversary with former Imagineer Tim Delaney, who was creative director and show producer for Paradise Pier and the main entrance of the park. Tim shares many stories from his career with WED Enterprises and Imagineering, including his time working on EPCOT Center, working for the company when Michael Eisner became CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and his work on Disney's California Adventure Park. We look at an overview of the park and discuss the budgeting challenges Imagineering faced, the theming of the park, the design of the entrance plaza and California Screamin', and the changes that have happened at the Disneyland Resort over the years.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_642.mp3
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This week, we present part two of our recent Ask Mousetalgia Anything special! Among the topics we discuss are our "favorites," including karaoke songs, attractions and dining options, interviews, podcasts, churro flavors, collectibles, park memories, and more. We also discuss Charles Addams and the Haunted Mansion, Rise of the Resistance, returning to Disneyland post-pandemic, films going straight to streaming, Disney characters we relate to, podcast editing secrets, Inner Space vs. Peoplemover, Super Nintendo World, inventing Mousetalgialand, and first Disneyland memories. Join us (and a particularly disgruntled baby) for a journey into the mind of Mousetalgia!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_641.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes Disney Legend Tom Nabbe to the show. From his career as a young newsie on Disneyland's Main Street USA in 1955 all the way to helping to open EuroDisneyland, Tom shares with some highlights from his storied career with us, including his time in charge of the Monorail at Walt Disney World, and his teenage years appearing as Tom Sawyer on Disneyland's Tom Sawyer Island. Plus - our favorite moments from the original Muppet Show, and Kristen Carr delivers the latest news.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_640.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia discusses the recent news that Disneyland is cancelling its annual passholder program. In the wake of the park's unprecedented shutdown due to the global pandemic, APs are no more, and we discuss the emotional impact of the end of the program, and future possibilities for the park's superfans. Then, Tim Babb joins the show as we discuss our top 5 favorite Disney songs, and we come up with some surprising lists of memorable music. We also stop to take a moment to remember Disney Legend Ron "Mr. Disneyland" Dominguez who passed away on Jan. 1. Finally, we welcome Joseph Titizian (Project Manager, Disney Experiences and Parks) back to the show to talk about some upcoming exclusive merchandise which will appeal to Disney history fans.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_639.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia is celebrating a Disney Legend who left a remarkable legacy due to her work with Disneyland. Cicely Rigdon, who started her career at the park as a ticket taker in 1957, quickly had an impact on Disneyland even as she began working in a ticket booth, and soon found herself working for the Tour Guide Department, eventually becoming the supervisor of Guest Relations, and then developing and leading the Disneyland Ambassador Program. Today we speak with Barbara Brock, a former Disneyland Tour Guide who knew Cicely, and Cicely's daughters Penny and Pamela, who share special memories of their mom. We also speak with an array of people who knew and worked with Cicely, and welcome Kristen Carr back to the show to deliver the latest Disney news.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_638.mp3
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Happy New Year! This week, Team Mousetalgia answer your questions about just about everything in our annual end-of-the-year AMAs. We get personal and talk shop about the podcast, discuss our feelings about the parks, and share trivia about this and that in part one of a to-be-continued list of excellent questions submitted by you, our amazing listening audience. Grab a warm cup of your favorite beverage and start your year off by spending an hour with your friends at Mousetalgia!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_637.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia celebrates the release of Pixar's latest movie. Pixar artist Josh Holtsclaw joins us to talk about the design of Soul, Pixar's 23rd feature film. Josh talks to us about the role of graphics in a Pixar production, using art to create the atmosphere of New York City for the film, and his personal feelings about working on a film that will cap such a tumultuous year with such a thought-provoking movie. Then, Jeff and Kristen provide a spoiler-free review of the film, and we discuss Soul's music, the meaning of life, and ponder what big questions Pixar might tackle next.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_636.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia hosts our annual "Best of" episode - but since 'Twenty was such a dumpster fire, we've decided to share our bests of a lifetime of Disney fandom. Topics include favorite movies (Parent Trap? The Haunted Mansion?), and our favorite television shows (The Mandalorian, Wonderful World of Disney). We also discuss our favorite merch, including items from Disneyland's 50th anniversary and the Tronorail. Of course, we discuss favorite Disney foods, including mentions of Club 33, Blue Bayou, Napa Rose, and 21 Royal. Also, our favorite books, our top experiences with our Disney fandom, our awkward "Oswald" moments - and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_635.mp3
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This week, Kristen takes us through a week in Disney history, and we go though our sack of listener emails! Calla reviews The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, useful Disney books and their uses, music reviews, a look at the relationship between the light and the dark, finding Disneyland sounds, an it's-a-small-world-of-color mystery, the origins of Walt Disney's studio signature, the march of the Matts - and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_634.mp3
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This week, Rebecca Cline, Director of the Walt Disney Archives, talks about the development of her newest book "Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks." Becky tells us about the decade-long development of the book, and shares some behind-the-scenes stories of the making of the book, the photography, and the incredible details included inside of this huge book. Then, Mousetalgia listeners share their particularly moving holiday stories, and Jeff remembers Dave Prowse, the man who personified the Dark Lord of the Sith. Plus - Jeff does some Sith-mas shopping; Kristen talks about new D23 membership options; Becky hearts Kingdom Hearts, and Dave has LEGOs on his mind.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_633.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes Paul Briggs, Disney Animation Director of the upcoming feature "Raya and the Last Dragon," to the show to talk with us about the storytelling process at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Briggs, who was the Story Department Supervisor before directing "Raya," talks about finding the core emotions behind a film, and stretching the boundaries of imagination. Paul shares some insights about the process of developing stories for Disney Feature Animation, shares some secrets behind the making of Frozen and Big Hero 6, for which he was head of story, and then talks about the cultural impact of his directorial debut, "Raya and the Last Dragon." Plus, in honor of this week's 119th anniversary of Walt Disney's birth, Kristen Carr speaks to Maria Massad from The Walt Disney Birthplace about progress on the restoration of the home in which Walt was born in Chicago, and the non-profit organization's virtual celebration of Walt's birthday on Dec. 5 with a virtual tour and a party in the actual room in which Walt was born - with special guests, giveaways and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_632.mp3
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Happy Thanksgiving! On this week's super-sized holiday episode, Jeffrey Epstein and Candice Valdez from the D23 Inside Disney podcast join us to give us the inside scoop on the official Disney podcast, and they share behind-the-scenes stories of the show, which they publish weekly along with their third co-host Sheri Alzeerah. We talk about the state of Disney fandom, the variety of Disney properties, and the inspiration behind the show. Then, Chris Buckley, animation director of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and Head of 3D Animation for Atomic Cartoons, joins us to talk about his career in animation, and speaks with us about how the Star Wars galaxy and LEGO combine to make a funny, engaging world the entire family can enjoy. Chris talks about LEGO humor, disobeying the laws of physics, Boba Fett piloting the Falcon - and more. Finally, Kristen Carr checks in after a morning on the recently-reopened Buena Vista Street! She talks to us about the shopping, the eating - including Carthay Circle - and most of all, the cast members who make the Disney magic feel so real. Plus - our holiday gift suggestions.. and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_631.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia takes a look back at the '70s with Cast Member Tricia Ciaccio, who worked at Disneyland as a tour guide under the guidance of Disney Legend Cicely Rigdon. Tricia talks about her time at the park as a tour guide, with stories about Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and the Mercury 7, alongside other memories of the Magic Kingdom. Also, Kristen Carr reports on Mickey and Minnie's birthday celebrations and Hong Kong Disneyland's new castle, and the team presents a holiday high five! We list Jeff's top 5 memories from the park, Kristen's top 5 holiday-themed Little Golden Books, Becky's top 5 holiday treats, and Dave's top 5 moments from the Christmas Fantasy Parade.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_630.mp3
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This week, we've decided to share some reviews of the things we've started watching, listening to and reading over the past month. First, we discuss the return of "The Mandalorian" to Disney+, and discuss the season two debut. Kristen gives a brief review of "The Right Stuff," and then Jeff and Kristen review a few albums that have recently started streaming ("My First Disney Jazz;" "Disney Meets Jazz: A Tribute to Walt Disney;" and "Little Nightmares"). Jeff reviews "The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop-up Advent Calendar," then Kristen joins Jeff for a review of "3D Disneyland: Like You've Never Seen It Before." Plus - Kristen Carr checks in, and we discuss the villainous nature of 2020.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_629.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes Disney fan-favorite (and Tinker Bell reference model) Margaret Kerry to the show to talk about her recent life experiences and to reminisce about her career as a member of the Disney community. If you haven't heard much about Margaret's life since she turned 90, you won't want to miss this inspirational episode. Plus - Becky lists acceptable losses that will lead to a better Disney vacation, Dave talks about the latest Funko Pops, Jeff gets new socks - and more!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_628.mp3
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This week, get spooky with Mousetalgia as we take a look back at the darker side of Disneyland! From Ken Anderson's scary dark rides from the '50s to today's death-defying adventures throughout the park, we take a look at just how dark the park can get. We also present a schedule of online events that you can utilize to enjoy a spook-tacular virtual Halloween weekend. We also talk about the recent news that Disneyland won't be opening anytime soon - but Kristen Carr reports that actually, California Adventure's gates will be swinging open to welcome guests again shortly! Plus - the candy of Disneyland... and Becky's in the house!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_627.mp3
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This week, we're thinking Tink! You may have thought you knew all there was to know about Tinker Bell, but Mousetalgia dives in and considers the flight of everyone's favorite fairy by looking at some interesting angles. First, we talk to aerialist Gina Rock, who flew across the sky in Disneyland as the fireworks lit up the night. Gina talks about her background as a gymnast, and the experience of portraying the famous pixie in her nightly ritual in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. We also talk to Klay Hall, the director of Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, on helping Disney relaunch Neverland for a new generation. Hall talks about developing Tink as a story editor for the 2008 Tinker Bell feature film, developing Pixie Hollow for Disneyland Park, and helping to guide the franchise as DisneyToon Studios launched the Disney Fairies, reimagining Tinker Bell for today's audiences while keeping her roots as one of Disney's most enduring and beloved characters. Plus - Kristen Carr checks in with a Mousetalgia FastPass... and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_626.mp3
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This week, the Disney community is reeling in the wake of tens of thousands of layoffs, which were made necessary due to the COVID-19 outbreak and complications from the California state government, according to Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks. Team Mousetalgia recognizes that it is the uniqueness of the Disney Cast Member that gives Disneyland its magic, so in this episode, we recognize and honor the Cast Member, both by speaking to a variety of former employees of the park and by offering a few thoughts from our listeners about the joy and happiness that Cast Members add to the Disney experience.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_625.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia looks for some levity in this era of heavy news - so we are returning to the Mousetalgia High Five! Jeff shares five Halloween Time highlights from past years; Kristen shares her top five Disneyland '80s memories; special guest Tim Babb shares five shows missing from Disney+ (calling Dick Tracy!); and Dave hisses his way through Disney's top five slithering snakes. Plus - we answer your emails, Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason offers a bit of nostalgia, a listener offers a Downtown Disney trip report - and Kristen Carr checks in with a Mousetalgia FastPass!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_624.mp3
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This week, Team Mousetalgia welcomes Disney historian Joseph Titizian back to the show to talk with us about Disneyland icons. In a time when so many people are longing for a chance to return to the happiest place on earth, we've decided to go back and look at some of the most iconic elements to a day at Disneyland - including that famous Disneyland logo "D", churros, the Disneyland Railroad, the mighty Matterhorn, and the truly iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. Plus, we discuss what we miss most about the park, and welcome Kristen Carr back for another great Mousetalgia FastPass!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_623.mp3
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This week, Disney historian and author Jeff Kurtti joins Mousetalgia to discuss his latest book, "The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky." Kurtti talks about the genesis of the project and his perspective on writing the book; his relationship with coauthors Vanessa Hunt and Paul Wolski; and talks about how he made a book that tells the story of the famed Monorail with new art and information for a new audience. Kurtti also talks about his 1998 book "The Art of Mulan," which has been recently re-released in honor of the new live action film. Kurtti describes the process of putting the book together, and the response the book has garnered since. Plus - don't miss Kristen Carr's Mousetalgia FastPass, and we talk Halloween, Halyx, and Tron toys!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_622.mp3
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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes our alien overlords as we discuss the new Disney+ series "Earth to Ned" with executive producers Joe Freed of Marwar Junction productions and Vince Raisa of the Jim Henson Company. Joe and Vince explain the genesis of the show, talk about the series' special guests, and tell some behind-the-scenes stories about the production of this innovative new talk show which is literally out of this world. Then, Kristen talks to author Josh Holtsclaw, who happens to be a graphic designer for Pixar, about his new book, Felix and the Monsters. Josh tells us about his career path and his work as an illustrator, the story behind writing the book, and what it was like to work with his co-author, who happens to be his wife. Plus - we discuss our favorite Ron Miller productions, just because!

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_621.mp3
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This week, Jeff recalls some of the action from the latest Van Eaton Galleries auction, titled "Disneyland: The First 65 Years." What did Jeff win at the latest Van Eaton auction? You'll find out - plus get our tips and tricks for success at online bidding for collectibles. Then, Kristen shares some Disney history about America on Parade, the Submarine Voyage, Circlevision, Country Bear Jamboree, D23 Expo, Pinto Colvig, and Hong Kong Disneyland! Plus - jobs we'd like to try at Disneyland, and more.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_620.mp3
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Today, go cruisin' through the Southland with Mousetalgia as we take you on a whirlwind road trip! First, enjoy our conversation with marketing genius Pat Pattison (former VP of Creative Services with the Disney Company), as he talks to us about his work creating products and promotions for the studio and the Disney parks - including the story about how he created the Mickey Antenna Ball. Then, join Kristen Carr as she takes us on her journey toward creating the ultimate Disney-themed road trip, to get a feel for what life was like for Walt Disney himself in historic Los Angeles. Finally - join Jeff as he talks about spending virtual time with his favorite musical group to listen to while cruisin' down the interstate - DCappella! Jeff met the group via Zoom along with a small group of fans to listen to them tell stories from the road, talk about their lives during the pandemic - and to join breakout sessions with each member of the group to learn a song to sing for an official DCappella video! Plus - we rank our favorite Disney automobiles.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_619.mp3
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Today, go cruisin' through the Southland with Mousetalgia as we take you on a whirlwind road trip! First, enjoy our conversation with marketing genius Pat Pattison (former VP of Creative Services with the Disney Company), as he talks to us about his work creating products and promotions for the studio and the Disney parks - including the story about how he created the Mickey Antenna Ball. Then, join Kristen Carr as she takes us on her journey toward creating the ultimate Disney-themed road trip, to get a feel for what life was like for Walt Disney himself in historic Los Angeles. Finally - join Jeff as he talks about spending virtual time with his favorite musical group to listen to while cruisin' down the interstate - DCappella! Jeff met the group via Zoom along with a small group of fans to listen to them tell stories from the road, talk about their lives during the pandemic - and to join breakout sessions with each member of the group to learn a song to sing for an official DCappella video! Plus - we rank our favorite Disney automobiles.

Direct download: Mousetalgia_-_Episode_619.mp3
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Today, go cruisin' through the Southland with Mousetalgia as we take you on a whirlwind road trip! First, enjoy our conversation with marketing genius Pat Pattison (former VP of Creative Services with the Disney Company), as he talks to us about his work creating products and promotions for the studio and the Disney parks - including the story about how he created the Mickey Antenna Ball. Then, join Kristen Carr as she takes us on her journey toward creating the ultimate Disney-themed road trip, to get a feel for what life was like for Walt Disney himself in historic Los Angeles. Finally - join Jeff as he talks about spending virtual time with his favorite musical group to listen to while cruisin' down the interstate - DCappella! Jeff met the group via Zoom along with a small group of fans to listen to them tell stories from the road, talk about their lives during the pandemic - and to join breakout sessions with each member of the group to learn a song to sing for an official DCappella video! Plus - we rank our favorite Disney automobiles.

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Today, go cruisin' through the Southland with Mousetalgia as we take you on a whirlwind road trip! First, enjoy our conversation with marketing genius Pat Pattison (former VP of Creative Services with the Disney Company), as he talks to us about his work creating products and promotions for the studio and the Disney parks - including the story about how he created the Mickey Antenna Ball. Then, join Kristen Carr as she takes us on her journey toward creating the ultimate Disney-themed road trip, to get a feel for what life was like for Walt Disney himself in historic Los Angeles. Finally - join Jeff as he talks about spending virtual time with his favorite musical group to listen to while cruisin' down the interstate - DCappella! Jeff met the group via Zoom along with a small group of fans to listen to them tell stories from the road, talk about their lives during the pandemic - and to join breakout sessions with each member of the group to learn a song to sing for an official DCappella video! Plus - we rank our favorite Disney automobiles.

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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes author/historian Didier Ghez to the show to talk about his new book, "They Drew as they Pleased: The Hidden Art of Disney's New Golden Age." Didier explains Disney's "New Golden Age" of animation, contrasting it with the studio's productions before and after Walt's death. He also talks about his search for art and material to include in the book, his process for researching Disney Studio history, and his upcoming projects. Plus - the return of listener email! Topics include a comparison of the Disneyland resort hotels, the origin of "carpe kingdom," how to preserve posters - and more.

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This week, join Mousetalgia as we speak with Disney producer and filmmaker Don Hahn in a conversation about Howard, his documentary about legendary lyricist Howard Ashman. Hahn joins us to speak about the journey he has made with the film in the two years since it first premiered, and talks about the man who "gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul." Then, Jeff and Kristen report on a fundraising event hosted by the Walt Disney Family Museum starring Alan Menken, legendary Disney tunesmith who worked with Howard for many years before Howard's passing. We discuss Alan's work and musicianship. and his incredible imprint on the world of musical theater and film. Also - Jeff reviews a book about maps,Kristen Carr checks in with a Mousetalgia FastPass - and more!

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This week, celebrate the Haunted Mansion's 51st anniversary with Mousetalgia as we welcome Jeremy Marx from the Disney History Institute to the show to discuss Imagineer Ken Anderson's role in developing Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. From Anderson's start in the Disney animation department through his leadership in developing the Fantasyland dark rides, we discuss his unique role in the design and direction of the Haunted Mansion's look, story, and mystery. Then, Jeff tells us about a $2000 dinner inside the Haunted Mansion in the year 2000. We look back at the intriguing event, and wish we could have been a part of it. Plus - Kristen Carr shares about an opportunity to support Walt's Birthplace, the upcoming Van Eaton auction - and more!

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This week, get radical with Mousetalgia as we take a look back at Disneyland in the '70s and '80s with former Disneyland Ambassador Willie Vander Zwaag Burckle. Willie served as a Tour Guide in the '70s and Goodwill Ambassador to the World in 1981, taking guests and VIPs on tours through Disneyland, and she shares stories from moments in her career, such as touring the park with the King of Jordan and visiting children's hospitals, and witnessing the healing power of Mickey Mouse. Also - Tiki birds take over the Haunted Mansion, Disney Parks Fuel Rod founders, Disneyland in 1982 - and Kristen Carr brings us the all new Mousetalgia FastPass!

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This week, we take a look at Disneyland through the years from two different perspectives. First, we welcome Mike Van Eaton back to Mousetalgia to talk about the next in his series of Disneyland memorabilia auctions. "Disneyland: The First 65 Years" will be held on August 15 and 16, and Mike describes some of the highlights from this upcoming auction - including an actual tombstone from the Haunted Mansion! Then, we welcome Disney historian and author Dave Bossert to the show to discuss his latest book "3D Disneyland: Like You've Never Seen It Before," a photography book that showcases Disneyland through the lenses of a vintage 3D camera. The book shows rarely seen details of Disneyland from both the 1950s and the 1980s, providing a unique perspective on the park's past. Plus - our favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland - and more!

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Kristen Carr joins Mousetalgia to discuss the re-opening of the Walt Disney World Resort, and gives us a trip report about her visit to the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks. She talks about the experience booking the trip and making reservations, what to expect regarding masks and social distancing, the dining experience, and her own reactions to re-experiencing the resort, which she hasn't visited for years. Plus - we review Osmo, a hands-on learning product that transforms kids' tech time into a beneficial experience - with a Disney twist, of course. Plus... an Osmo giveaway! 

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Happy 65th birthday, Disneyland! This week, Mousetalgia has the privilege of speaking with former Disneyland Ambassador Connie Lane, the last Disneyland Ambassador who was personally selected by Walt Disney to represent Disneyland to the world. Connie shares with us her memories of being at Disneyland during many pivotal moments, including the opening of iconic attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Small World and Haunted Mansion, and her recollections of working with Walt Disney himself. Then, correspondent Kristen Carr reports from the grand re-opening of Downtown Disney, and gives you some idea of what to expect from a visit to the resort in the era of COVID-19.

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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes Doug Lipp and Pam Lipp to the show to talk about their individual extensive careers with the Disney Company. First, we talk to Doug Lipp, the author of "Disney U: How Disney University Develops the World's Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees." Doug discusses Disney University, learning from Van France and Jim Cora, opening Tokyo Disneyland, the cast member philosophy in Disney's international parks, and the experience of working for the Walt Disney Studios in the tumultuous 1980s. Then, we speak with Pam Lipp, who tells us about her time working at Disneyland on Main Street in the 1960s, making candy canes in the Candy Palace and selling jewelry at Rings and Things - and then becoming a tour guide at the park, and then moving to the Mickey Mouse Activity Center at the Walt Disney Studios for Disney University. Plus - Disneyland APs - keep 'em or get a refund? We discuss.

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This week, Team Mousetalgia tries to find a laughing place in the midst of crazy changing deadlines and a new (albeit temporary) normal for visiting Disney's theme parks. But first, we speak with Liz DeSilva, VP Creative for Loungefly/Funko, who talks about the Stitch Shoppe, a new clothing line from Loungefly. Then, Beci Mehnken, CEO of Mouse Fan Travel, returns to talk about the reopening of Walt Disney World, and we discuss strategies, expectations and the new rules and regulations that will be a part of the new experience of visiting a Disney theme park (or taking a Disney cruise) during the era of COVID-19. Also - Splash Mountain is going to receive a re-theming to incorporate the characters from "Princess and the Frog," and we discuss - Jeff on the aesthetics of re-developing attractions, Kristen and Dave on the troubled history of Song of the South, and Becky on the strong character presented in Tiana.

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This week, Team Mousetalgia welcomes Disney historian and author J.B. Kaufman back to the show to discuss the world's favorite mouse, Mickey. We talk about Mickey's early career, including behind-the-scenes tales about the making of his first films, Kay Kamen's influence and the introduction of character marketing, Fred Moore's contributions to the development of Mickey's look, "early" Mickey vs. "peak" Mickey - and more! Then, Mousetalgia welcomes designer Autumn Hansen from Modsy back to the show to talk about Disney decor, and bringing Disney-inspired interiors into your own living space. Plus - it's been 100 days since Disneyland closed, so Kristen helps us mourn and celebrate the eventual reopening.

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This week, author/artist/designer Chris Merritt returns to Mousetalgia to join us for an Emporium of topics. First, we return to our "high five" format to discuss a variety of topics, including the top Disney fathers, top ways to be kept out of Disneyland, top live action films; and then Chris takes us on a tour of his top five extinct Disneyland attractions. Next, Kristen consoles us for having to survive 93 days without Disneyland, and then Jeff takes us on a raft to Tom Sawyer Island to discuss the history of the attraction and fish off a pier with Tom himself. Plus - win one of 10 signed copies of Disneyland's map of Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, signed by the artist, Chris Merritt!

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